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Welcome to Day 1 of Janet and Randy's Brussels Adventure 2016

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Ended up waking up earlier than we needed to, but then we had lots of time to relax and get ready before Randy's parents picked us up at 9:30am. 

Before leaving the house, we saw that our flight from Edmonton to Montreal was already delayed by an hour.  We figured we would still head to the airport just in case we had to switch to another flight to make our connection for the Brussels flight.  I had emailed the concierge, but turns out they didn't start work until 10:30.

We dropped the kitty off at the kitty kennel and got to the airport around 10:00am.  We checked with the Air Canada agents to see if we would have an issue with our connection, but at that point in time, we would supposedly still have an hour to connect in Montreal.

We went through security and went to the Maple Leaf Lounge.  Around 11:00am, one of the Edmonton Air Canada concierges (Colleen) came to talk to us to assure us that we should have no problem connecting to our flight.  We had some nibblies in the lounge and then headed to the gate around 12:30pm for our 1:00pm departure.

We didn't end up boarding the plane until almost 1:00pm and didn't push back until 1:30pm.  Because it was a quick turnaround in Edmonton, the flight attendants seemed to be very disorganized and it took a while for them to get the service started.  Shortly after take-off, one of the flight attendants came to ask us what we wanted for our meal.  We pointed out the fact that no one had distributed any menus yet.  So, she handed out the menus, and then came by shortly after that to get our order.  We both ended up getting a chicken thigh dish on pasta, which was all right - but nothing spectacular.  The best part of the meal was a warm cookie and ice cream for dessert.  There was lamb on the menu... should have gone for that instead.

There were four young children in business class, and there were a couple tantrums during the flight, which was lovely (4 children under the age of 3).  Good thing we weren't trying to sleep or anything. 

We arrived in Montreal at 7:15pm, and our flight to Brussels departed at 7:55pm.  Once the plane arrived at the gate, there were some other people from further back in the plane that pushed to the front because they had a tight connection.  We had a tight connection as well, and didn't appreciate the flight crew encouraging these people to push past us. I indicated the flight attendant and to the others trying to push past, that we too had connections we are trying to make. Seemingly this message was lost.  So once off the plane it was a mad dash to the connecting flight.

Luckily our incoming flight was only a few gates down from the Brussels flight - but they had already started boarding by the time we got there.  So, we got on the plane and settled into our seats.

The plane was an A330-300, and business class was separated into 2 sections.  Randy had booked us in the smaller section that only had 4 rows of 3 seats.  There were only 4 people in this section.  Randy's seat had a little bit of a wall next to it, so it was quite private.  It was a very quiet area, and a nice change from the noisy flight from Edmonton.

After take-off, the pilot didn't turn off the seat belt light for quite some time because he was worried about turbulence.  However, it seemed quite smooth to me.  As a result, it took an hour and a half before the cabin crew were able to start their service.

We started with some champagne and mixed nuts, and the appetizer was a tuna tartare dish (which was very tasty - may I have seconds of the tuna and skip the main).  We both had the lemon chicken for our main meal, but I didn't really like it.  The chocolate fondant for dessert was good though.

I ended up watching The Martian and Everest as I wasn't that tired (it was only 11pm Mountain Standard Time).  After watching my second movie, I tried to lay down to catch some sleep, but 5 minutes later they turned on all the lights to start the breakfast service.

We had pre-ordered breakfast at the start of the flight, but I wasn't very hungry so just had a bit of the fruit and some green tea.  Not long after that, we started our decent into Brussels, arriving at 8:45am.



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