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Welcome to Day 10 of Janet and Randy's Copenhagen Adventure 2017

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Woke up about 6:20am and got ourselves ready as we were flying home today.  Went down for breakfast and was out the door and walking to the train station by 8:00am.  We were able to catch a train to the airport right away, and got there about 8:30 (for an 11:00am flight).

We weren't sure exactly where the Air Canada check-ins were, so we were checking out the big board listing all the flights.  As we were doing that, our friend Pam spotted us and came over to say hi!  We chatted for a bit more, then we said goodbye (again) and we headed to Terminal 2 where Air Canada was.

Before we got to the check-in, we stopped at the tax refund centre to get some of our money back.  There was one of the receipts where we had to go next door to a bank to get the refund, so we did that. Confusing that there are two different companies that do tax refunds.  Then we went to the Air Canada counter.  We didn't need to check any bags, but we figured we better have scan our passports - so that we don't need to do that when we get to the gate.  Fortunately, there was a fast track lane for business class passengers - so we didn't have to wait too long in the line.  However, we didn't know that we had to take out our iPads, so our backpacks had to go back through again.  The security scanner had the coolest return mechanism for returning the bins, basically you take a bin as normal, and put it thru for security screening.  Once on the other side, there is a slot, that automatically returns it to the start for re-use.  No having someone gather them up and then wheel them all back to the start.  Those Danes !  So effecient.

We wandered through the terminal, and Randy stopped at Starbucks to get his first Starbucks latte of the trip (there wasn't one convenient to the hotel).  Then it was off to the SAS lounge to hang out for a bit.  As we already had breakfast, we didn't have anything to eat - we just relaxed.  About an hour before our trip, we decided to head to the gate.  In the Copenhagen airport, you have to go through passport control after security, but before the gates.  There was a fair-sized line-up when we got there.  There were 2 lines for non-EU passengers, and of course, we got the slow one.  We finally made it through and headed to our gate - which was at the very end of the terminal.

We were waiting in Zone 1 when the Concierge came by asking if there were any Super Elites.  Randy said yes, and she told him that she had switched his seat because there was an issue with his current one.  Randy indicated that I was travelling with him, so she went to see if she could find me a seat near him.  In the end, it seems that the maintenance team was able to fix the seat, so we were able to keep our original seats.

Across the aisle was a family with a small baby and a toddler.  They weren't as loud as I thought they would be, but there were moments when the baby was being a little loud.  During boarding, we were offered water, orange juice or prosecco.  The juice was really good - it tasted like fresh-squeezed.  So, we had both orange juice and prosecco and made ourselves a mimosa.  Shortly after take-off they started the lunch service.  I had the grilled barramundi and Randy had the beef tenderloin.  Unfortunately, neither meal was that great.  But, they served pretzel buns as a bread option - which was really good.

I watched a couple of movies, and was then able to sleep for a couple of hours, waking up when there was about 2.5 hours left in the flight.  Closer to landing we were served a cold chicken plate, which tasted a little better.  We arrived on time and headed off to customs.

Before leaving Copenhagen, Randy had sent a message to the concierge to see if there was a chance of getting on an earlier flight to Edmonton. Our original routing had us with a 4 hour layover in Toronto.  Our flight from Copenhagen arrived at 1:00pm, and there was a 2:00pm flight that the concierge put us on standby for.  As we had our Nexus cards and didn't check any luggage, we figured we wouldn't have a problem making the flight.

We got through customs quickly and then went to the domestic security check.  With Nexus, there is a priority line, but I am always amazed at 2 things: 

1) there always seems to be at least one person that doesn't seem to know what they are doing, and therefore slows up the line. I don't understand a line-up for a trusted (i.e. frequent) traveller would have these clueless people in it.  For example, this time there was a guy in front of us that actually left his bag on the floor and walked through the metal detector.  The security person made him walk back and put the bag on the x-ray scanner belt.  And behind him was a gal that figured she needed to take her shoes off (and took her sweet ass time)  Lack of sleep may be affecting judgement here :)

2) there always seems to be a rookie security employee working the scanner - and so they'll stare at the picture for like 10 minutes.  This time they had my bag sitting in the scanner while a more senior person was brought over to see if there was a problem.  Finally, the released my bag - so apparently there wasn't an issue.  #2 is very typical when I travel

Canadian SnowbirdsAfter we got through security, the concierge Anne (same one that arranged the BMW ride on the way to Copenhagen) met us and walked us to the gate.  Because we had been changed to a different flight, we didn't have seats together.  As we were boarding the plane, one of the flight attendants was nagging us that we have to put our backpacks under the seat in front of us and was scolding Randy because he had an extra carry on bag (Quote:  "You know, you are only allowed one, so you shouldn't be bringing on that second bag").  I could see that Randy was not impressed with this, but he just ignored her and put our bags in the overhead bins above our seats.  What I felt like saying, and what I did say were two entirely different word combinations.  I didn't want to come across as belligerent, so I told her that I understood the rules. And then turned away.  Which, by the way, had lots of room, as while the rest of the plane was boarding, the flight attendant was telling some economy passengers to store their bags in the business class bins.

We were both in the same row, but at opposite windows.  Neither of the people sitting next to us wanted to move, so we sat separately for the flight.  The flight attendant took the meal orders - starting with a few people ahead of us, then came back to Randy.  She then took everyone else's order before coming to me last.  I guess as I was booked with points, I was the low man on the totem pole.  By the time she got to me, the beef and pasta were already gone, so I had the chicken.  Which turned out to be pretty tasty.  The beef was meh.  Should have selected the chicken.

Our flight was slightly delayed taking off, as the Canadian Snowbirds were doing a show for the CNE (Canadian National Exibition) and so we had to wait for them to take off first.  There were 9 planes, and they actually took off down the runway 3 abreast.  I was on the wrong side to see this.

I watched a few TV shows, then decided to catch up on the the travel journal.




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