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Welcome to Day 2 of Janet and Randy's Copenhagen Adventure 2017

Friday, August 25th, 2017

I ended up waking up at 3:30am and couldn't get back to sleep.  So, I thought I would work on organizing photos and getting caught up on the travel journal.  I tried to be quiet, but ended up waking up Randy (Yup).  He got up for a bit, but then went back to bed.  I spent a couple hours doing that, and at 6:30am decided to try to go back to sleep.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to fall asleep, and ended up just lying in bed until 8:30, when Randy got up.

We showered up and went down to the club lounge for some breakfast.  It was pretty busy in there.  There was quite a selection of breakfast foods - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, fruit and breads.  The eggs were really salty and I couldn't eat them.  But everything else was good.  The previous day there was smoked salmon, but today was grilled mackerel :|  hmmm... not my fave like the salmon.  Hope that comes back soon.

We decided to wander over to the central shopping street (Stroget) and wander around.  We stopped in at the Hard Rock Cafe - where Randy got some more of his guitar pins.  We checked out the Pandora store to get a new charm for my bracelet (as Pandora originated in Denmark - and supposedly this was the flagship store. It was pretty small and thinking they would have a larger selection or things distinctively Copenhagen/Denmark, there were a couple, but we both thought they kind of lame).  We checked out a Lego store, and even went into the Royal Copenhagen fine china store (lovely porcelain, but not cheap - Beautiful stuff).

There was an open square with some open-air restaurants. We stopped at one to get some beer and snack on some spring rolls and tempura shrimp.  We were very close to the main stop for the canal boat tours, so we wandered over to check it out.  We decided to do the hop-on, hop-off boat - as one of the stops was right at our hotel.  Because there was some sort of swim race in the canal, the boats had to dock a few blocks away.  When we bought our ticket, the gal told us that there would be someone to lead us over to the other dock in a few minutes.  So, we waited about 10 minutes for the gal to escort us to where the boat was.  We got to the dock and found out that the boat that was waiting there was for the Grand Tour (which was a guided tour that returned back to the origination dock).  We found out that the hop-on, hop-off boat had left 5 minutes earlier, and the next one wasn't going to be there for another 40 minutes.  We were not impressed.  This temporary dock was not near anything, so we went wandering down one street looking for a place to use a bathroom (as the beer was starting to affect us).  We came across a department store, so used the bathrooms there.  We bought a bottle of water, and headed back to the dock - where the hop-on, hop-off boat was waiting for us.  We got on, and about 10 minutes later, the tour started. 

It was a lovely day to be out on the water, and the tour took us into Nyhavn Harbour, up to where the Little Mermaid statue was, through Christianshavn, and then back to the Marriott, where we got off.  Along the way the boat goes under several bridges.  The bridges are so low that even seated, you have to duck under the bridge.  By this time, it was around 4:00pm, so we decided to go back to the room and have a nap.  I was definitely tired enough to fall asleep right away.  Randy had to wake me up at 5:30 so I didn't end up sleeping the evening away.

Randy was interested in going to Copenhagen Street Food, and we found out it was only a 10 minute ride by bike (and 14 minutes by car - as the car can only get so close, and a person has to walk the rest of the way).  The hotel had bikes for rent, so we rented some for us.  Getting the bikes took a little longer than expected.  We were able to get the bike keys from the concierge right away, but when we went to find the bikes with the corresponding numbers out front, we could only find one.  So, Randy went back to get the key to another bike.  This time, he could find the bike, but the seat was set up really high, and mechanism to lower the seat wouldn't budge.  So, Randy went back again (this time having to wait as the concierge was busy with someone else).  But, third time was the charm as this time the bike was the right size.  Ya, this took way longer than it should have. 

So, finally we were ready to head off.  Copenhagen has a great bike network.  A lot of the main streets have a separate path (in each direction) just for bikes.  These paths are separate from the pedestrian sidewalks.  Or, they will have a bike lane as part of the roadway.  So, for our 10 minute bike ride, we were mostly on dedicated paths the whole way.  And Copenhagen is very flat, so it was only when you were going over a bridge that you had any sort of grade (which was still a bit of a challenge for us non-bike riding folks)

We made it to Copenhagen Street Food, and as it was a Saturday night, it was super busy.  We entered the building and it took us a while to get anywhere as it was packed with people.  We finally made it to one back corner, were there were a couple food places that looked good.  I stood in line for some fried chicken at a place called Chick o, and Randy stood in line for a burger at Fish Art.  Surprisingly, our food was ready at almost the exact same time.

We took our food outside and looked for a place to eat.  We managed to find some people leaving one picnic table, so we were able to eat our meal with a view of the water.  The food was very good, and decent sized portions.  Once we were finished our meal, we hopped back on our bikes and went across the bridge to Nyhavn Harbour to take some more pictures.  Even though it was still light out, we were able to get some pictures with some nice reflections of the buildings in the water.

As Randy had really enjoyed the beer at the Harbour Festival, we decided to pop in there again before heading back to the hotel.  The bridge across to the festival didn't have a steep grade, but it was a large bridge, so it was a bit of a slog going uphill.  Especially on a 1-speed cheapo bike.  So, my thighs were burning pretty good by the time we reached the mid-point of the bridge.  Good thing it was all downhill to the festival.

We went back to the same place to get the beer we had the previous night, and then sat along the water just enjoying the view.  Once we were done our beers, we headed back across the water to the hotel.  My legs were still sore, so I just walked my bike for the uphill part of the bridge.  We had to make a bit of a detour coming back as part of the bike path on this side of the road was closed (which entailed riding over cobblestones - fun!).  But we made it back without me crashing into anything - so that's good (especially after a beer !).

I worked on the travel journal a bit, but as it had been a long day, I was too tired to finish it, and just went to bed. /p>


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