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Welcome to Day 3 of Janet and Randy's Copenhagen Adventure 2017

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

As I didn't get much sleep the night before, I ended up sleeping right up until Randy woke me up at 9:30am.  That was a good sleep! We showered up and headed downstairs for breakfast.  This time they had the smoked salmon that Randy was hoping for.  And thankfully the hordes of cruise ship guests hadn't cleaned the place out yet.

As the ticket for our canal cruise was good for 48 hours, and since it was sunny out, we decided jump on the cruise again.  The boat cruise stopped right at the Marriott, so we went out front and 5 minutes later the boat arrived.  From the Marriott, the boat went to the normal starting point of the cruise - which had been co-opted for a swim race the day before.  So, we were able to see a new part of the cruise route.  When we got to Nyhavn Harbour, the boat was going to be there for 10 minutes, so we got off and took pictures from the very end of the harbour and then got back on.  While we had got back on the boat well within the 10 min time that the boat director indicated there were several that couldn't make up their minds as to whether or not they should or shouldn't be on the boat and others that wanted the boat to wait while more of their group straggled along... basically delaying everyone.  I could not do that job, as I would have lost my sh*t on these people.

This time when the cruise stopped at the Little Mermaid statue, we actually got off to take some decent pictures.  We knew that we would have to wait 45 minutes until the next boat arrived.  So, we joined the crowds to take some photos of the statue (which Randy thought was small and disappointing in person - I compared it to the Mona Lisa, and to Manneken Pis, all three are small, underwhelming and have hordes of people trying to get up close to take photos.  All three of which I've seen in person.).  Then we wandered around a bit until the boat returned, and we hopped back onto the boat.

As it was around 1:30pm by this time, we figured we should stop for some lunch.  So, we got off at the next stop and walked across the bridge to go back to Copenhagen Street Food.  This time we went to a place called Duck It - and shared a pulled duck sandwich with some fries.  It was very tasty.  Randy also got us some mojitos (one pineapple and one passionfruit) because, why not? (Exactly !)  We sat out in the sun and enjoyed our food and beverages.

We walked to the next stop on the boat cruise and had to wait about half an hour for the next boat to arrive.  But, we were able to sit on a bench facing the canal, and it was quite entertaining just watching all the boat traffic go by (Note: there were many tourists boats, and their was a very low bridge, so of course, watching the tourists think that they can stand in their boats, when they really can't to go under the bridge is quite comical - Janet asked me, "I wonder how many times someone hits their head on a bridge?", my response "Every day").  We hopped on the next canal cruise boat and went back to the Marriott. 

Randy lay down for a nap while I worked on the journal.  We got ready and headed out just before 5:00pm to head to a Food Crawl event.  The Food Crawl was part of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival.  The food crawl took place at 3 restaurants that were all next to each other.  You started at one restaurant for an appetizer, moved on to another restaurant for the main meal, and then finished at the third restaurant for dessert.  A person purchased a ticket for a specific start time, and for a specific order of which course you want at which restaurant.

For the food crawl, we met up with my friend Cindy, who had moved to Copenhagen and who I hadn't seen in a very long time.  We met up with her just outside the restaurant.  We had to wait for about 10 minutes for the restaurants to open up as we had booked the 5:30pm slot (which was the earliest time). 

Our first restaurant was Gran Torino.  When we arrived we showed our tickets, and saw that they had a list of names of everyone.  Cindy showed hers first, and they were about to seat just her, when she indicated that Randy and I were with her as well.  So, they put us at a table for 3 near the window.

The appetizer we were served was the carpaccio (thin slices of beef, pine nuts, parmagiano and truffle oil).  This was also served with some very tasty bread.  Included in the price of the ticket was a glass of sparkling wine at the first restaurant. It was very tasty !

We enjoyed our carpaccio and sparkling wine and wondered when we were supposed to move to the next restaurant.  We asked a waitress, and she said we could go whenever we wanted.  Okay - so we got up and walked about 20 steps to our next restaurant - Alabama Social.  We had to wait a bit to be seated as they seemed to be still quite busy from the appetizer service.

Cindy went to show her ticket, and the host said to us "Oh, you're that table for 3".  And sure enough, on their list, they had written arrows joining Cindy's and my names.  We were seated at a table for 4, which was fortunate, as our meal entailed a number of different dishes - which took up a lot of room.  We ordered a bottle of red wine and then waited for a while for our food to come out.  We noticed that tables near us were just being served their appetizers, so obviously the kitchen was running behind.

When our food came out, it was served in various pots and skillets.  We had a skillet of ribs, a skillet of chicken wings, a pot of fries, a pot of coleslaw, and a pot of corn on the cob and cornbread.  There was a lot of food there.  The food was tasty, but we weren't able to finish it all.  We convinced Cindy to take home the leftovers.  We noticed that we seemed to be the only tourists attending the food crawl - everyone else seemed like locals.

Our waiter (who was actually quite hilarious) told us that if we wanted, we could just eat our dessert at this restaurant as well (as all these restaurants seemed to be owned by the same group).  He told us the dessert was a ice cream cookie with peanut butter ice cream.  But, as I don't like peanut butter, we decided to continue on to the third restaurant - Madklubben.  At this restaurant, they also had our names linked, and we were shown to a table for 3.  The dessert was berries and ice cream.  The waitress didn't specify what the berries were - but they tasted very similar to Saskatoon berries.  It was a nice light dessert - which was good as we were quite full by this point.

After we were done, we walked with Cindy to the nearest train station.  We got on the train with her and got off at Central Station (while she continued home to Malmo).  We then walked from Central Station back our hotel.

During the day, I had noticed that my phone didn't seem to have a data connection anymore.  During dinner, Randy noticed that his had died on him as well.  So, when we got back to the room, we were able to check our account online, and it was obvious that our SIM card did not come with 4Gig of data - as the sales gal had claimed.  Instead, the 4G on the package referred to a 4G network.  It looked like the card only came with a couple hundred MG, but we were able to top up our SIM cards with another 3Gig of data for another $10.  So, even with a total of $20, it was a good deal (I'm sure we could have gotten a better deal, but for sake of convenience this was good enough).




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