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Welcome to Day 6 of Janet and Randy's Copenhagen Adventure 2017

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Woke up to a kind of drippy and dreary morning.  We took our time getting ready and went to the club lounge for breakfast.  When we were done, we noticed it was raining fairly good out, so we hung out in the room and caught up on a few things.  Because the weather wasn't that great, we decided to hit up a laundromat and do some laundry.  We had only packed a week's worth of clothes (as we usually do), and it was time to clean some of our clothes.

There was a place called the Laundromat Cafe that was about a 10 minute bike ride away.  We had previously rented bikes directly from the Marriott, but Randy had found a bike rental place called Donkey Republic - where you can locate and rent bikes through a phone app.  There were 2 bikes right at the Marriott - so we decided to rent those.  We should have been wary of Bike #13 that we rented.

We put our laundry bags in the bike baskets and headed off.  It had started raining a bit, so we got a little wet on the way.  My bike was making a weird noise, and it seemed harder to pedal than normal.  When we got to the Laundromat Cafe, I mentioned this to Randy, and as he had been riding behind me, he says "Oh, that's probably because your bike frame is bent, and the wheels are not straight".  Great. 

Anyway, we went into the cafe, and went to the back where the laundry machines were.  There were 3 washers and 3 dryers.  The washers looked small, but we were able to fit a surprising amount of clothes in there (which was all of our clothes).  We started up the washer, and then ordered a couple of warm beverages (latte for Randy, hot chocolate for me). The cafe also serves meals (if we had wanted), and seemed to be a very popular place for people that weren't coming in to do laundry.  The 'laundry' part of the business seemed almost to be a bit of an afterthought as the laundry area was rather small. 

Not too far away was a sports store that sold a type of running gear that Randy really likes.  So, after Randy finished his latte, he decided to bike over there and check it out - while I stayed at the cafe with the clothes.  While he was gone, I did an online survey that had been sent to me from the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival (our food crawl was part of that), and also did a Tripadvisor review of our Copenhagen Food Tour. 

While biking over to the sports/running store, the rain came back, and by the time I got to the store, I was drenched.  I think I dripped all over the store !  I managed to find a few items of gear that I really liked.  I gathered up my purchases and left the store for the staff to mop up after me.  I got back on my bike, and the rain had let up a little, but it was still lightly raining.  I made it back to the Laundromat Cafe where the clothes were now in the dryer.

Randy managed to find a few items of running gear, and came back to the cafe.  The clothes weren't dry yet, so we waited another 30 minutes or so.  They still weren't completely dry after that, but we folded them up and decided to take them back to the hotel to let them dry there.  We ended up spreading our clothes all over every flat surface in the room, and using every single hanger.

On the way back, my bike was still giving me grief and it was really tiring to ride (even on a flat road), and I just wanted to return it and be done with it.  But, Randy suggested that we trade bikes.  So, we did, and it was much easier riding a non-bent bike.  We had decided that we wanted to go back to that bakery we visited on the food tour to get some more Danish pastries (it would basically be our lunch).  On the food tour, our guide had said that on Wednesdays (only), the bakery makes their special cinnamon buns.  They will make 4000 cinnamon buns, and by the end of the day they are all gone. When we got to the bakery, we realized that it was Wednesday (SCORE !), so we thought we better try the cinnamon buns.  We ordered one cinnamon bun and one Danish to share.  Luckily there were a couple of seats in the bakery, so we were able to sit down and enjoy our baked goods.  The Danish was just as good as the first time, and the cinnamon bun was delicious as well.  Janet was not really wanting to share, but since we had one of each she relented.

After filling our faces with pastry, we decided to wander around the area that the bakery is in (called the Latin Quarter).  There were some interesting little shops, and we checked out some of them.  In one shop, there were some cool dresses made by a Danish designer, so I ended up getting a couple.

As we were riding around, the bent bike was giving Randy grief (Bike #13!), and the back wheel was actually starting to seize up.  We went to a nearby location where there was supposed to be another Donkey Republic bike, but we couldn't figure out a way to exchange it.  The only option seemed to be ending the current daily rental, and then having to start a brand new one. So, I ended up having to pay an extra fee for dropping it off at a different location than what I started at.  We had tried calling the contact number for Donkey Republic, but it was near the end of the day for their support line and no one was answering. 

Now we only had a single bike, and we didn't feel like paying the extra fee to leave it with the other bike.  I suggested that Randy could just ride back to the hotel and I would walk back - but he refused.  He suggested I ride back and he could walk, but by this time I was quite tired and didn't feel like riding any more (when I'm tired, I'm not as coordinated (or as amiable) - which is not a good combination when riding a bike in traffic).  So, in the end, we both walked back to the hotel (about 20 minute walk) - with Randy pushing the bike.  So, I don't think we will be renting bikes from Donkey Republic again.  Probably not !

Once back at the hotel, we decided to hit up the evening snacks in the club lounge.  They had some little spinach souffles, some chicken nuggets, a chicken Caesar salad, as well as various cheeses.  There appeared to be others in the lounge that think that they should be bringing in their families and this is their entire evening meal. The snacks were good, but Randy wanted a little more.  So, after digesting for about an hour, we walked across the bridge to the area across from the hotel to try a sushi place called Hatoba.

We ordered some green tea, which was brought in a tiny teapot and a tiny tea cup for each of us.  It was very cute, but the tea cup literally held maybe 1.5 sips.  So, we were filling our cups pretty much constantly.  Thankfully we were given a carafe of water.

Since we weren't super hungry, for our meal, we just ordered 2 rolls to share. One roll was called the Devil's Roll and had tuna, cilantro, avocado, cucumber, spicy sauce and kimchee.  The kimchee gave it a little bit of a kick, but not so much that it was overpowering.  It was a great combination of flavour. I really loved having the cilantro in the roll.  The kimchee and cilantro are very complimentary flavours.

The second roll was the Sizzling Salmon - which had salmon marinated in a yuzu, sesame and soy sauce, then grilled and topped over a salmon, avocado, basil and spring onion roll.  There was also a side dish of the sauce to dip the pieces in.  The yuzu gave the roll a really interesting citrus flavour, which made this so very different than any other sushi we've had.  Almost 'refreshing' if that makes sense.  Both rolls were amazing, and we were glad that we found this place. 

After we were finished our meal, we walked back to the hotel.  We put away our clothes that had finally dried (it was a very damp day), and just took it easy for the rest of the night. 

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