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Welcome to Day 7 of Janet and Randy's Copenhagen Adventure 2017

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Woke up around 8:00am.  The skies were still really overcast, but at least it wasn't raining.  Randy went out for a run.  When he got back, we had Danish pastries that we had brought back from the bakery the day before.  The Danishes were just as delicious the second day.  Although, after eating a whole Danish, my stomach kind of hurt. Soooo Goood !

We went down to the club lounge - where Randy had some smoked salmon to go supplement the Danish.  I didn't need anything else for my breakfast (but then again, I didn't go for a run, either - Run was mitigated by the danish).  Since it was a little cool out, we decided to go to Christiansborg Palace.  This palace is one of many castles that has been built on this site since 1167.  The Queen does not reside in this palace, but banquets and state dinners are held here. There is also a wing of the palace where the Danish parliament sits. 

It was about a 15 minute walk from the hotel to the Palace.  Once we got to the palace, it was not obvious where a person was supposed to buy tickets.  The first place we saw that looked like an entrance was actually the entrance to the Parliament - and there was a guard that pointed us around the corner (he actually had a very rudimentary map on the door, and not that we could take it with us).  But even then, it wasn't obvious where to go (not a single sign noting where to buy tickets).  We finally stumbled across the entrance to the underground ruins - where we bought a combination pass for all the sections of the palace.  (each section had its own ticket counter and gift shop).  We went down a level where there were ruins of previous castles.  It seems that many castles have been built and burned down over the centuries.

After we were done with the ruins, we went to Royal Reception Rooms.  Unlike Buckingham Palace, you are allowed to bring in your camera and take pictures.  Being a palace, there were some very elaborate and luxurious rooms.  I was surprised that there weren't that many tourists wandering around the palace - but maybe that's because we were there in the morning.  After we were done, and leaving the palace, it looked like there were some tour groups that were starting to arrive.

After the reception rooms, we decided to go up the tower.  I had read that there could be really long lines to get up the tower (as you have to take an elevator), but when we arrived, there were maybe 10 people in line.  However, we waited at least 5 minutes for a guard to come and let us down into a room where we had to go through security.  This was surprising, as we had just been through the Royal Reception Rooms with priceless items, and the only thing we had to do was put on plastic booties on our shoes so we didn't scuff the floors.  According to Wikipedia, the security is due to the official nature of the building (whatever that means).  It was the same as airport security where all bags and coats had to go through an x-ray machine.  I was wearing 2 small bracelets and the guard made me take them off and go through again.  I mean, really?  I'm not sure what they are scanning, but it seemed a bit odd.

Anyway, we finally were done with security and then waited in line for the elevator.  The elevator only held 8 people and took us up to the level where a restaurant was.  Then we had to take another elevator (which only held 6 people) to take us up to the top.  Then there was a couple flights of stairs to actually get to the lookout.  It was a nice view from the tower, and this part of the palace is actually free (you don't have to buy a ticket for it).  But, I could see how it would take quite a while to get up to the top if it was really busy.

After the tower, we headed to the royal kitchen.  This kitchen was refurbished to represent what it was like back in the 1930's (and is not the kitchen used today).  It has one of Europe's largest collection of copperware.  An impressively large kitchen and it would have been cool to see it when it was actually in operation.

We could've also gone to the royal stables, but Randy had seen enough by this time.  So, we wandered over to Nyhavn Harbour as it wasn't far away.  We wandered around some of the surrounding streets and were starting to get hungry.  As it was close by, I suggested we go back to Copenhagen Street Food to have lunch. 

We decided to try a place called Oink Oink (which is almost a theme for this trip), which specialized in pulled pork.  We ordered a pulled pork bun and some curly fries to share.  As with the other food we'd had here, the food was delicious.  Being a week day and a little cool out, it wasn't nearly as busy.  It started to get a little cooler, so we decided to start heading back to our hotel.

We walked back through Christianshavn along the canal.  We started to get a little cold, so we popped into Espresso House to get a latte for Randy and hot chocolate for me.  I got the Belgian hot chocolate, which was made with dark chocolate and topped with whipped cream and marshmallows.  Yum!!  Once we were warmed up, we went outside and managed to hail a taxi back to the hotel.  By this time our legs were both tired from all the walking, and we didn't feel like the 20 minute walk back to the hotel.

Once back in our room, we were quite tired, so lay down for a nap. Love naps.  I felt much better after a rest.  For supper, we looked at various options, and finally decided to just go across the bridge and have a meal at a place where we had ordered beer from during the Harbour Festival (called Bryggens Spisehus) .  This time it was too cool to sit outside (we could have sat outside, as they had blankets, but it was breezy and cool), so we sat inside the building instead.  I ordered fish and chips, and Randy ordered a pulled chicken sandwich.  We also got some beer to go with that.  Huge surprise there !

When we ordered, we were told that the kitchen was backed up, and it would take half an hour for the food.  We were okay with that, as we had our beer, and we weren't starving.  But, the food was actually ready in about 15 minutes.  The food was really good, and from the conversations around us, it sounded like we were the only ones that weren't locals.  There were a few families in the restaurant, and some young children that were quite comical to watch.

We wandered back to the hotel.  Just as we got to the other side of the bridge, we heard some music start up.  We finally saw that there was a band set up right under the bridge, and there were boats gathered in front to listen to the music.  If it was a little warmer out, we would have rented a boat and joined the concert.  We figured out that there was a free 'Concert' that was on the sign board outside the Go-Boat shed (boat rentals).  It looked interesting as the boats would just moor under the bridge and everyone sat up under the bridge.  It was very cool.

Instead, we just went back to the room, where I worked on the travel journal and relaxed. 


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