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Welcome to Day 8 of Janet and Randy's Copenhagen Adventure 2017

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Woke up to clear skies and a forecast of no rain.  On the other side of the canal was a place called Go Boat that rented out little electric-motored boats to cruise around.  We had been thinking about renting one of these boats for a while, and since the forecast was nice again, Randy went ahead and reserved one online for the afternoon.  As part of the rental process, you can also include "beverages".  I thought we'd just wait until the afternoon to see

When we originally booked our trip, we were only able to book the first 8 nights at the Copenhagen Marriott, and so we booked our last night at a hotel near the airport.  Randy decided to check if he could extend our reservation at the Marriott, so we wouldn't have to move hotels.  Even if we had to move to a different room - it would still be better than moving to a different hotel.  There actually was availability, so he used his points to book us an extra night.  We went down to the front desk to confirm that they had received the booking, and they had.  The gal asked us if we liked the room we were in, and if we wanted to just stay in our existing room.  That's exactly what we had hoped, so we said yes.

We went for breakfast, then headed out for the morning.  We decided to go wander around the central area - but instead of sticking to the more touristy areas, we decided to wander down some of the less travelled side streets.  We came across a couple of unique shops, and bought a couple of things.  We stopped for lunch at Le Pave, which was in a quiet little square.  I had the eggs Benedict (made with smoked salmon), and Randy had a steak sandwich.  Both were tasty, but messy to eat.

After shopping and eating, it was getting close to our 3:00pm reservation for the Go Boat.  So, we decided to walk straight to the Go Boat dock.  We got there about 15 minutes early for our reservation, but they just let take out the boat then.  I don't think they are entirely precise on the time of the reservation.   They sold beverages and snacks to take on the boat, so we bought a bottle of prosecco.  They put it in a nice basket with some plastic glasses for us. 

They showed us a map of a suggested route, and told us the guy out next to the boats would explain how to drive the boat.  We got in, and was shown that if you twisted the handle one way, the motor went into reverse, twisted it the other, it went forward.  If you left it in the middle, it was in neutral.  Pretty simple. 

So, we headed off.  Almost immediately, I lost the map overboard (D'oh!), but I knew where we were supposed to go, as it was down some of the same canals that the canal tours go (and we just followed the other group that was setting out at the same time as us).  I opened the bubbly, and enjoyed cruising around on the water.  It was a nice afternoon, and it was great to be out on the water.  The boat may have been powered by an electric motore, but the captain was powered by prosecco !

We finished off the bottle, and made our way back, we made a short detour as it looked like there was a kayak water polo competition happening just past the Go Boat dock.  Then we docked the boat - where we noticed there seemed to be a lot of people ready to head out on the boats.

Before leaving, we were told to check out at the desk (and also hand back the basket).  I had to wait a bit as there was a group of younger gals that were checking in.  With this group, the guy went through the liability form and explained that it is against the law to drink and drive the boat.  Which was funny - because for us, he just basically gave us our prosecco and sent us on our way.  (but then again, we weren't bringing coolers of booze with us either).  Captain Randy wasn't going to sign any stupid waiver form !

Since we had a bit of a buzz on, we decided to go to our nearby favourite bar to have some beer.  We grabbed our beers and went and sat down near the water.  We ended up having a nice conversation with a couple that lived in the neighbourhood.  Since it was so nice out, we decided to have a second beer (Note:  they were large glasses of beer).  Around 6:00pm, we had to head back to the hotel and drop some things off, as we had plans for supper with another friend. 

By this time, I was rather drunk.  I hadn't finished my second beer yet, but in Copenhagen you can have open containers of alcohol in public, so I took the drink back with me to the hotel.  Luckily, it wasn't very full, as I was having trouble walking and weaving all over the place.  As we were walking over the bridge back to our hotel, Randy thought it would be humorous to take a picture of me.  Being drunk, I hammed it up.  Actually she was like this the entire walk back to the hotel.  Hence the reason why I was in front and acting like I didn't know her.

We had met our friend Pam back in 1992 on a Contiki tour in the U.S.  She was the tour guide.  She is still a tour guide, and we had found out through Facebook that she was going to be in Copenhagen with a group, so we decided to meet up.  We met up with her at Wagamama restaurant - as her group was spending a couple of hours at Tivoli Gardens (and the restaurant is accessible from both the street and from the Gardens.

We had our supper and had a great visit until about 8:45pm, as Pam had to get her group on the bus back to their hotel.  Pam had already paid to get into Tivoli, but we hadn't, so we snuck into Tivoli through the back of the restaurant.  But, we just ended up walking straight through the garden and out the one of the gates to meet up with her group, so it's not like we were ripping anyone off.

Once she got her group off, we walked back to the Marriott and took Pam to the club lounge to have some after dinner drinks.  We ended up chatting until after 11:00pm.  It was so nice seeing her again.  Hopefully it isn't another 25 years until we see her next time!  Pam was staying at a hotel down near the mall, so she was just going to walk back along the water.

I was quite tired after a long day of walking and drinking.  Once we got to the room, I was in bed  and asleep (drunk snoring) within 10 minutes.


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