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Welcome to Day 9 of Janet and Randy's Copenhagen Adventure 2017

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

We had originally expected to move hotels today, so had no specific plans for what to do today.  So, as we now we had some unexpected extra time, we didn't know what to do with ourselves.

We spent some time googling things to do and throwing out suggestions.  There were a few ideas for doing stuff outside of Copenhagen, but a lot of them would take an hour or more one way, and as it was getting to be late morning, we didn't want to be gone the entire day.  We finally landed on going to Rosenborg Castle, as it was within Copenhagen and easy to get to.

On the way there, we ended up making a wrong turn, and ended up wandering through the Botanical Gardens instead.  But, it was just a short detour, and we got back on track to the castle.  The good part is that the Botanical Gardens are free.  We had walked into the "Palm Room", with a number of Palm trees.  Although we didn't spend much time in there as it was rather steamy.

Rosenborg Castle was built at the beginning of the 1600's by Christian IV.  The castle is structured to show a progression of time through the different royal kings.  So, one room would have objects/paintings of a specific king, and the next room would be another king.  There were a lot of original objects, and in the basement is where the Danish crown jewels are kept.  We've done other tours like this, and typically there are no photos allowed.  Rosenborg, they don't care, take as many as you want !

This castle was completely different from Christiansborg Palace, and as we were there at 1:00pm, it was quite busy with various tour groups.  You were not allowed to take any bags into the castle - instead you had to put them in a locker.  But you could take your camera and phones.  They have free wifi so that you can follow an online guide if you like.  We found the pamphlet that they handed out to be more than explanatory of what we were looking at.

After we finished touring the castle, we decided to head to nearby Torvehallerne market for some lunch.  We noticed that there was a Grød restaurant there (like the one we had on the food tour), so we ended up having some tomato pesto risotto from there, along with a ham and cheese croissant.  For dessert, we had a bowl of ice cream with a scoop of dark chocolate and a scoop of mango ice cream.  It was a really good flavour combination.  We also came across another Mikkeller store, and they had more of Randy's beloved Westvleteren beer.  We bought 2 bottles - one a blonde style, and the other was called #8 (we had the #12 when we found this beer on the food tour).  According to the Gent on our food tour, he preferred the #8, so I thought I'd give it a try.

We then meandered our way back to the hotel, popping into a few more shops.  Once back in the room, we put the beer in our bar fridge and hung out for a bit.  We went down to the club lounge to check out the evening snacks - which were beef spring rolls, cauliflower souffles and smoked salmon on these tiny pancake things.  We then grabbed the beer to head across to the other side of the canal (as our side of the canal is in shade in the evenings).  We stopped at Hiko Pizza to pick up a Hawaiian pizza to got with our beer.  Then we headed down to sit next to the water with our pizza and beer.

We enjoyed our last evening in Copenhagen looking out at the water.  The #8 wasn't as good as the #12, but it was definitely better than many of the beers I've tried.  The version of the Hawaiian pizza that we had had ham, but it was almost as if someone had run the ham thru a meat grinder, it was like stings of ham. Very strange.  Then it was back to the hotel to finish packing and work on the travel journal.  Then it was an early night as we were leaving the next morning.


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