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Welcome to Day 3 of Janet and Randy's Japan Adventure 2017

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Since we had gone to bed early the night before, we ended up waking up at 5:30am.  But, we both had a great sleep and felt rested.  As I had been way too tired to download pictures or work on the travel journal the night before I spent some time doing that.  The nearby Starbucks didn't open up until 8:00am on weekends, so we showered up and headed over there shortly after it opened.  I was ready for my coffee @ 6.30a, but had to settle for tea until 8am

Lobby of Imperial HotelWe had some scones and drinks, and then headed back to our room.  Our friend Charlene had responded to our message to say that they were staying at a hotel not that far away, and so we made plans to maybe get together on Sunday.  I grabbed the Nikon camera, and went to take pictures of an amazing floral bouquet in the main lobby of the hotel - which was different from the display that we saw when we came in

As it was really drippy out, we decided to head to Tokyo station to check out the shops there.  It had been raining pretty hard when we went to Starbucks, so we decided to borrow some umbrellas from the main lobby to take with us.  Of course, now that we had these big umbrellas, it had mostly stopped raining (and we never did have to use them). 

We walked over to Yurakucho station and checked the balance on our Suica cards.  There was a new option to 'personalize' your Suica card, so we were able to get our names printed on the cards.  Cool!  We caught the train over to Tokyo station, and spent quite a while wandering through the underground shops.  Around noon, we decided to try a Kaiten Sushi place (a sushi place with the conveyor belt) that was near the Tokyo Station.  However, when we arrived, there was a huge line-up to get in.  We stood in line for a while, but the line was not moving at all.  So, Randy checked the Yelp app, and found another Kaiten Sushi place in the Ginza area.  So, we walked over there.  This second place wasn't very busy and we were able to get in right away.  The food was really good and hit the spot. 

Tokyo Marathon special edition runnersAfter lunch, we walked down the main shopping street in Ginza.  As it was Saturday, the street was blocked off to traffic, so we were able to wander down the middle of the street.  We wandered into a few shops, and made a point to stop by the Asics store for Randy.  He ended up buying the Tokyo Marathon special edition pair of Asics runners.  They have a really cool design on them.

We stopped at a convenience store to pick up some chips and sparkling sake and then went back to our room to relax (and drink) for a bit.  I spent time catching up on Day 2 and 3 of the journal.

Around 4:00pm, we decided to lie down to try to have a bit of a nap.  We were just starting to nod off when we heard some deep bass thumping - like there was a music concert or something (in Hibiya park).  We weren't able to fall asleep, so we decided to go out and check out where the music was coming from.

Hibiya Park Food FestivalWe went across the street to Hibiya Park.  There was a food festival happening there, but the music wasn't coming from there.  So, we walked deeper into the park, and found an amphitheatre where the music was coming from.  It looked like a person had to pay to get in, so instead we walked around the park a bit and listened to the music for free.

We stopped back at the food festival, and decided to try a beer from one of the vendors (Far Yeast Beer Company).  We tried the Japanese Citrus Saison, and it was really good! 

We went back to the Tokyo Station and I ended up buying a wallet for myself, and we picked up some cookies as well.  On the way back to the hotel, we were walking down an alley when all of a sudden I heard Randy go 'Oh, oh, oh, oh!'.  He stops me and points to a restaurant - which is our beloved Sushi Zanmai!!  So, the restaurant hadn't closed down completely - it had just moved further down the alley.  Yay! Double Yay !

Food festival supperWe relaxed in our room for a bit, then headed back across the street to the Food Festival.  We bought a few different food items to share - some skewers, a fried beef & bean sprout dish, and some noodles & rice in an okonomiyaki sauce.  We also got another glass of the Japanese Citrus Saison beer, and had our supper sitting in the park.  That was enough food for our supper, so we then headed back to our hotel room.  It had been an early morning, so I think an early night was in order.



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