Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Got in the car and started back south again. On the way back, we came across another Sunshine Market, so we stopped to check it out. Ended up getting another sugar loaf pineapple and some really bizarre looking fruit called Rambutan. These are pink fruit that look like sea urchins. The fruit itself tastes like a lychee nut.


Next stop was the Guava Kai visitor centre. We had been here before, so we stopped mostly for the free samples of guava juice and jams. Drank our fill of juice and filled up on jam & crackers and continued on.

 Haole,  Nice Set (of Guava's that is!)

Haole That is one big set of Guava’s you got there!

When we got to Lihue, we decided to stop in at the Fish Express (fish market). We picked up some more poke and some Ahi tuna to barbeque the next evening. I also got a shrimp cocktail. This contained 17 shrimp (and cocktail sauce) for only $4.75!! What an amazing deal! The Ahi tuna we got only cost $4.25. At home, this same amount of tuna would cost us more than $20!!

100 BIG SHRIMP… oh nevermind.

The Ahi was to die for !

Haole likes to call Hapa “Poke” Mon !

Hapa & Haole have consumed 27 Pounds of Fish.

Went back to the condo, where we pigged out on poke and shrimp (they were sooooo good!). Then we washed up and then headed back to Lihue to catch the 6:20pm showing of the movie Monsters, Inc. It was quite a hilarious movie. There was also a trailer for the new Star Wars, but it was just a jumble of images, and therefore was quite confusing.

Monsters Inc. was seriously funny.

Ok, Star Wars Fans out there ! The Trailer will tell you NOTHING !

After the movie, we just headed back to the condo and had some leftover Aloha pizza for supper. We were both quite tired from a long day of driving, so it was an early night.

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