Saturday, November 10, 2001

Woke up to some grey skies. Sat out on the lanai with the laptop and checked email. Randy went for a run, and I stayed out on the lanai. Had some breakfast, and then killed time until the laundry room opened at 9:00am. Since the wash took 25 minutes, and the dryer took 45 minutes, we had to hang around the resort until they were done.

While waiting for the laundry to dry, we decided to do some more snorkelling. We were going to try out the rocky bay just down the road, but when we got there, there was this big snuba class already there. Rather than spend the whole time bumping into them, we decided to just go back to the beach across from the condo. The water was a little less murky this time, and we saw a number of fish. We managed to follow this one school of fish as they drifted with the current. That was pretty cool.

The weather was overcast and windy, so we figured we better plan something other than beach activities for the day. We went to the activities desk at the resort, and booked a 2:00pm tour at the Allerton Gardens that were just down the road. The Allerton Gardens are 1 of only 5 gardens that are nationally protected by Congress (whatever that means).

Before going on the tour, we had time to go grab some lunch. We decided to go to Gaylordís for a nice lunch. We always love coming back to this restaurant. We were seated in a table right out on the edge of the garden, so we had a really nice view. Randy had the Mahi Mahi and I had the Teriyaki Ahi Sandwich. Both were wonderful.

Lunch @ Gaylords - Hapa has Crazy facial expression

Gaylordís was really great.

Hapa & Haole have now consumed 42 pounds of Fish.

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