Saturday, November 10, 2001

Then it was time to head to the gardens for our tour. A person had to take a little tram from the visitor centre down to the Lawai Kai Valley, and then it was a walking tour from there. Except for us, it was all Americans on the tour. I have noticed a larger percentage of Americans here on Kauai than in the past. Usually there is a little more of a mixture of people from around the world.

Janet in the Ginger Patch

Lawai Kai

Anyway, the tour took us into the Lawai Kai valley. What a beautiful area. There is this amazing beach there that I would just love to spend time at. However, the only legal way to access this beach is via boat. (cause you canít trespass over private land to get to any beaches). The gardens were just gorgeous. I could have spent a lot more time there. But unfortunately it was a guided tour, so we had to leave with the tour guide.

Queen Emma's Cottage

Wendy our Tour Guide was really nice, but we had another couple that seemed to dominate the question period. Leaving most of us to just scratch our heads and wonder about more than a couple of things.

Since we had such a nice lunch, we didnít feel like anything elaborate for supper. We ended up just going to KFC in Lihue and getting some tender-roast chicken. Afterwards, we decided to stop at Borders, and noticed that there was a Hawaiian House store right next to it. There were some cool Hawaiian-style items for the home in there. We had been looking for some bed linens with some Hawaiian prints on them. This place had some duvet covers in some Hawaiian patterns. However, they were not cheap ($175), and they all had to be dry-cleaned, because they were made out of sateen material. With the amount of cat hair that accumulates on our duvet covers at home, I donít think I need to be buying a cover that I would need to dry cleaned all the time! So, we decided to pass.

KFC again.

Haole likes her Tender Roast.

Went into Borders and browsed through the books. Found an interesting cookbook that contained a recipe for Poke, so maybe we will have to try making it at home.

I think Borderís is the place that Kauaianís like to hang out in.

Hapa could learn to hang out at Borderís.

Came back to the room, and we tried surfing the net looking for places that sell Hawaiian linens. Found a couple of places in California that sell the type of stuff we are looking for. It seems funny that we canít seem to find any right here in Hawaii.

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