Monday, November 12, 2001

Randy felt like going out for breakfast for a change, so this morning we had breakfast at Eggberts in Kapaa. I had some French toast and Randy had some fluffy banana pancakes. Both were quite good, and very filling.

We came back to Poipu and rented some boogie boards from Snorkel Bob’s. Took the boards to Brennecke Beach to try them out. Randy was doing very well catching the waves. I was doing okay, but not as good as Randy. I seemed to get pummelled a lot. One really cool thing that there was this big turtle that was swimming right around us as we were boogie-boarding! It was coming right up to us!

Ok, so I’m having a bit of a middle age crisis. I see the young kids doing this, and think…. Hmmm… How hard can it be? Well it turns out, that its not really that hard to start, but it is hard to get good.

I got slammed pretty hard with one wave, so I decided to get out for a bit. The wave had given me a good somersault, and when I came out of the water, my nose was running like crazy. So, I went off to the bathroom to blow my nose so I wouldn’t be dripping all over the place. When I got back, Randy was out of the water waiting for me. It seems that he had been slammed against some rocks, and scraped up his one toe. So, we decided to head back to the room to rinse off and clean out his wound.

Haole has drippy face, Hapa has drippy toe !

What a Couple !

He had some sand embedded in the scrape, and I tried to get some of the sand out, but I couldn’t get all of it out without causing great pain to Randy. So, we went to the pharmacy in Koloa to get some ointment to keep the scrape from getting infected.

Turns out that if you get some of the reef imbedded in you it will actually start growing… you know the reef grows in the ocean where it has warm salty water, guess what the human body is ?

Hawaiian Vacation is fun and EDUCATIONAL !

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