Friday, November 2nd


Here is where the holiday really started. We checked in, and then went to our lovely room overlooking the ocean. When we got to our room, we noticed that there was a fruit basket and a bouquet of orchids there. However, the name on the card was Ms. Dorothy Dunn. We were wondering if they had maybe given us the wrong room, so we phoned down to reception. The guy said that Ms. Dunn was supposed to have checked in yesterday, but she did not show up. So, he said that we could go ahead and enjoy the basket. Cool!

Fruit & Flowers @ the Royal Hawaiian


One thing is that if you have a Phobia for PINK, the Royal Hawaiian is NOT for you. The robes are PINK, The Sheets are PINK, The walls are PINK, The Towels are PINK, everything is PINK ! Even Webpage Turned Pink just talking about the Royal Hawaiian.

This is definitely not part of the Tough-Guy image.


Since we were still kind of awake, we went for a nice walk out on the beach. We came back to the room, watched some TV and then finally crashed.


Thanks Dorothy !


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