Monday, November 12, 2001

We went to the Koloa Fish Market to grab something to eat for lunch. We got one plate lunch of Teriyaki Ahi, a small order of California Roll, and a couple of slices of seared ahi. We took the food to the Spouting Horn, so that we could sit and watch the tourists as we ate. There were a lot of chickens at Spouting Horn, and for a while they were all starting to close in on us as we were eating. Eeeekkk!! One chicken even jumped up onto the bench right next to me. Cheeky buggers. But then another tourist started feeding the chickens and so they all high-tailed it over to him instead. We finished our meal in peace.

There sure is lots of “Cock” on this island !

We went back to the visitor centre for the Allerton Gardens, and picked up some seeds and plants to take back home. Since it was still sunny out, we thought that maybe we would go hang out at the beach some more. We thought that we would try the little beach down the road called Baby Beach. It is just a small beach with a protected little pool that is only a foot or 2 deep. When we got there, there were 2 different families with small kids frolicking in the water. It was too hot to lie out on the sand, so we just stretched out in the shallow water and relaxed.

Showered up yet again, and decided to head to Poipu Bay golf course to check out the pro shop. Didn’t find anything that we could afford, so we decided to go and wander around the Hyatt. The grounds there are just so amazing. We came across a swinging bench, and sat swinging and looking out at the surf. Ahhhh… isn’t that romantic?

Started to get hungry, so we went up to Kapaa and had supper at Margarita’s again. Being the predictable people we are, we had the same fish tacos (for me) and ahi burrito (for Randy). It was yummy as per usual.

And Being predictable people, we both scarfed back our food !

Yup, all of it.

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