Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Actually managed to sleep in until 7:00am today. No door slams, and even the birds weren’t as noisy as usual. Had a nice lazy breakfast, then went to Snorkel Bob’s and returned the boogie boards. Decided to do a bit of shopping, then put our suits on and went to the beach in front of the Sheraton.

Hapa feels a bit dejected. The boogie boarding effort was not enough to lift Hapa to the accolades of Boogie Boarding Stardom. Instead he’ll just have to hang out at the beach and watch.

It was nice and sunny out, so we splashed around in the waves for most of the time. We started to get hungry, so we drove into Koloa and went back to the fish market and grabbed some food for lunch. We got some more seared ahi and California roll, along with some chicken cutlets. We went back to Kukiulu Harbour and had our lunch there.

Predictable, and now Experts at Plate Lunches

After lunch, we stopped at Baby Beach to hang out for a while. However, shortly after we got there, the skies clouded over. We decided that it wasn’t worth staying there, so we went back to the condo and showered up. While we were gone, a message had been left for us saying that the table cloth we had ordered was ready. So, we hopped in the car and drove to Kapaia Stitchery to pick it up. Continued on to Kapaa and did some shopping. Bought a few Christmas presents and got some more fruit for breakfast.

Haole’s favorite place is the Kapaia Stitchery. The table cloth is really beautiful.

On the way back to Poipu, we decided to stop at Fish Express and pick up some Ahi to BBQ for supper. We also picked up some side dishes to accompany it, and went back to the condo. The sun was about to set as we returned to the room, and we noticed that there was an abnormally large number of people across the street waiting to watch the sunset. It was a little eerie – all these people lined up staring into the sea.

We cooked up the Ahi, and since it was a warm night, we sat out on the lanai and ate supper. Went for a nice walk after supper. The sky was totally clear and we could see tons of stars.

What is that now, 85 pounds of fish that Hapa & Haole have consumed ?

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