Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Woke up to clear blue skies. We thought that after the big fiasco on our flights out, we would phone Air Canada and make sure that we actually did have confirmed seats for the flight back. When we were talking to the agent, we found out that there is another flight that leaves Honolulu at 1:50pm (instead of 1:05am). The only problem with taking that flight is that it gets into Vancouver too late to continue on to Edmonton. A person would have to overnight in Vancouver. We didn’t have a problem overnighting in Vancouver if we didn’t have to fly at some god-forsaken time of the night. However, the reservations agent couldn’t change our reservation because there were no ‘rewards’ seats left on the Vancouver-Edmonton portion. They suggested that we call Aeroplan – since they have the authority to open up more ‘reward’ seats. However, since it was a gorgeous day out, and we didn’t want to sit inside all morning, we decided to deal with that at another time.

Hapa senses Haole is getting stressed. Even after eating 85 Pounds of Fish.

We thought that since the weather was so clear, maybe we would book a helicopter tour. So, we went to the Activity Desk to find out the cost. The helicopter tours were running at $159 per person. Yikes. When you convert that into CDN, that is a lot of moolah. We asked about cruises along the Kipu Kai coast, and the Kauai “Z” Tours were recommended. We decided to think about it, and headed off to Polihale Beach.

Maybe we should call this “Mr. & Ms. Cheap go on vacation”.

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