Wednesday, November 14, 2001

We got to Polihale right around 11:00am. It was already quite hot there. We noticed the surf was quite rough, and it was very windy. We decided to go up into the dunes, so that we wouldnít get blown away. Since it wasnít that busy on the beach, Randy had a chance to sunbathe nude. The only irritation was that the wind kept blowing sand at us. We had stopped at the Big Save in Waimea and picked up some $1.19 burgers and ate them for lunch on the beach along with some Maui chips. At about 1:00pm, we had enough of the sun (and the blowing sand), so we packed up and went to shower up and change for the ride back.

Stopped at the Gay & Robinson Visitor Centre to check out the tours of the sugar cane factory. It seems that you donít need to reserve ahead, so if we feel like going, we can just show up.

After we got back, we went back to the Activity Desk and decided to book the boat tour for the next morning. Since we had only had the $1.19 burgers for lunch, we decided to go grab a bite to eat. I had noticed a happy hour special at the House of Seafood. For $10, you get 2 mai tais, some egg rolls, deep fried won ton, and chicken & beef skewers. So, we thought we would see what it was like. The happy hour prices for mai tais there was $3 each, so the appetizers worked out to $4. It was a pretty good deal. Didnít fill us up or anything, but it was a nice snack.

Oh-oh, Haole is into the Mai tais again. At least these ones werenít killer Mai Taiís like at the Royal Hawaiian.

Since we had never actually been inside the Sheraton hotel, we thought we would go there and wander through the grounds. They were quite nice. We noticed a little area where seats were all set up to watch the sunset. Sunset watching seems to be really big here.

It is really weird how people watch the sunset. What, do you think its not coming back again tomorrow ?

Yup, another Sunset.

Ok this is the obligatory sunset photo. Donít stay on this page too long, there are still more stories to read.

After that, we headed north to Kapaa. We thought Ė what the hell, letís have some supper. We figured we would try Coconuts Grill. We noticed that has been packed any other time we happened to drive by. Since it was relatively early (5:30), we were able to get in right away. They have a nice selection on the menu, with a nice range of prices. Probably that is why it is so popular. Randy ordered the fresh fish of the day, which was a combination of mahi mahi and ahi tuna. I decided to order the artichoke and heart of palm salad, along with a bowl of the soup of the day (creamy chicken). Randyís supper came with wasabi mashed potatoes. Very interesting. His fish selections were also wonderful. My salad was very nice as was the soup.

Ok, Coconuts Grill had some very Beautiful Tropical artwork on the walls. Not to mention all of the restaurant furnishings were very nicely appointed.

Came back to the room and checked our email. There was an email for me from work saying that they were sending me off to Springfield, Illinois shortly after I got back from my holiday. Bummer. Iím not overly happy with that.

Haoleís Stress level is definitely on the rise now !

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