Thursday, November 15, 2001

Got up early and had some breakfast. Randy tried calling Aeroplan and found out that we could actually change our return flight to be the afternoon flight. Even though it would mean that we would get home a day later, we decided to go for it. It would just be that much less tiring than taking the overnight flight.

Once that was organized, we got ready and headed down to the harbour for our 8:00am snorkel tour. The boat tour was in a Zodiac, and they took us to 2 different snorkel spots. On the way to the first stop, we came across a big pod of dolphins. They were swimming right along side of the boat. Very cool.

Spinner Dolphins

More Spinner Dolphins

The first snorkel stop was at Koloa Landing (not far from our resort). The fish there weren’t too bad, and we managed to see a nice big turtle. One of the crew would dive down and pick up some sea creatures (sea slugs, sea urchins, etc) for us to see.

The second snorkel spot was off the coast of the Sheraton. Supposedly there are lots of turtles in this area. This spot was deeper than the other spot and you couldn’t really see a lot. We managed to see 2 turtles, but that was about it for sights.

After snorkelling, we headed to Lawai Kai bay for some lunch. Stopped at the Spouting Horn to view it from the other side. It was kind of interesting. Continued onto Lawai Kai, and came across some more dolphins. There were a whole ton of them this time – probably about 40 or 50. Just amazing.

Lawai Kia Bay

Arrived at Lawai Kai and moored in the bay to have lunch. I was hoping that a person might actually be able to go right up on the beach, but we just ate lunch in the boat. We did jump out of the boat and do a little swimming around in the water after lunch so that was nice. I was also disappointed, because I thought that the cruise would take us along the Kipu Kai coast. When I asked the gal at the Activity desk about cruises along the Kipu Kai, she said that this company did those tours. But obviously this was just a snorkel cruise. So, I was a little put out about that, but we did have a good time, and it was really cool seeing all those dolphins.

After the cruise was completed, we went back to the room and showered the salt off. We checked email, and I got some more details about the Illinois project.

After the Dolphins Hapa thought that Haole’s Stress level would go down… but not after she found out she was going to have to travel to her next contract.

Since it was so nice out, we wandered down the road and hung out at Baby Beach. We just laid in the water and let the rays beam into us. After we had enough sun, we went out shopping to pick up some fruit. Decided to go for a cheap meal at KFC – using one of the coupons we got from Hilo Hatties. (buy a 3-piece meal and get a 2-piece chicken & biscuit for free).

KFC (Kauai Fun Centre).

Came back to the room just in time for the sunset. Decided to go across the street and join the other people in watching the sunset. Tried not to make too much fun of them.

Haole thinks that all these people are Freaks !

Next time I take photo of Freaky people watching sunset !

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