Saturday, November 17, 2001

Woke up at 6:40am. We got up and headed to the Kauai Lagoons for their one-day sale. (it started at 7:00am). The store was already pretty crowded when we got there. But, we managed to find some of our Christmas gifts there.

Since we had a 2-for-1 coupon for the restaurant at the golf course, we decided to have breakfast there. Randy had the macadamia nut pancakes, and I had the French toast. Then we headed back to the condo to finish up our packing and check out of the resort.

More “Cock” in the restaurant. Thank god for that cuz the service was pretty slow… I know they are on island time.

Check out was at 11:00am, so after we left the Lawai Beach Resort, we went to the Lae Nani to see if there was a chance that they would let us check in early, or at the very least leave some of our luggage with them (since we couldn’t fit all the suitcases in the trunk, and one was in the back seat of the convertible).

Our view from the Lae Nani.

The nice lady at the Lae Nani let us check in early, so we unloaded the car and unpacked a little. We had noticed some huli-huli chicken for sale just down the road, so we went back there and got some chicken for lunch. ($10 for 2 half chickens). We brought the chicken back to the room and ate it out on the lanai. It was pretty yummy. Then we decided to head out onto the beach right in front of our resort. We hung out there for a little while, until the skies clouded over. It didn’t look like the sun was going to come back out, so we decided to get in the car and head into Lihue. We went to the Kapaia Stitchery one last time and bought a Christmas gift for Randy’s grandma. Went to the Fish Express for some more poke, and then went back to the condo. By then, the sun had come out again, so we put our suits back on and went back out on the beach.

Around 5:00pm, we decided to walk over to the Coconut Marketplace to finish off the Christmas shopping. We finally managed to find the last couple of gifts, so that was a relief. We also went back into the Overboard store and looked at some new clothes that came in. Randy found a new Kahala shirt that he liked, and I found a Jams World dress that I liked. We couldn’t decide whether to buy them or not, so we put them on hold and went for supper.

Christmas Shopping is complete!

Hur-ray ! Hapa is Happy.

We thought we would check out Caffe Cocos for supper. It was mostly fish and organic type food. Very granola-y. We decided to pass and went across the street to Kintaro. We ordered some tempura and a bunch of different sushi rolls. I ate so much that I gave myself a headache. But it was good!

Haole likes to make up words by adding an “EE” sound at the end. She figures these are real words, but I challenge her to find them in the dictionary.

Yet again we demonstrate our eating capabilities while on vacation.

We went back to Overboard and ended up buying the shirt & dress. Christmas presents to ourselves. Went to Safeway and got some juice for breakfast, then came back to the condo for the rest of the evening.

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