Sunday, November 18, 2001

Our last full day here. Sigh. Decided that today would be a beach day. So, after breakfast, we packed up and headed to Larsen’s Beach. It was pretty deserted. We weren’t sure whether or not we could do nude sunbathing or not – but shortly after we got there, a gal down the beach took everything off and went into the ocean. We took that as a sign that it should be no problem going nude. So, we stripped off our suits.

Freedom !

Even though it was 10:00am, it was already quite hot. So, we ended up just sitting on the beach and letting the waves splash over us. After 2 hours, I had to get out of the sun, so I set up my towel in some shade. Randy continued to soak up the sun for another 2 hours. Randy was just loving the ability to frolic around naked.

Haole on Larsen's Beach

We bid farewell to the beach at 2:00pm. Went back to the room, showered up, and then wandered over to the Coconut Marketplace for some lunch. Since it was mid-afternoon, we decided to just share an individual pizza from Aloha Pizza. Then we went to Long’s Drugs and got the last of our souvenirs/goodies before we left.

Came back and relaxed in the condo. Randy broke out the computer and signed on. He noticed that Cindy and Darrell were on Yahoo Messenger, and so we had a voice conference with them for a while. That was kind of fun. (in a computer-geeky kind of way)

Ok, I go on a Hawaiian vacation, and I’m sitting in front of computer screen… how geeky is that ?

Decided to dress up in the new outfits (that we had bought the day before) and go out somewhere for supper. We didn’t go anywhere fancy – we just went to the Camp House Grill. Randy had a combo plate with huli chicken and BBQ ribs. I had the fish of the day, which was ahi. Both were quite good. Since it was our last night, and since I hadn’t had any coconut cream pie yet, we split a piece for dessert. Then we went back for our last night in the condo.

I think that we are up to 104 Pounds of Fish Consumed.

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