Saturday, November 3rd


Randy woke up quite early (5:30am). He stubbed his foot on the luggage, and that woke me up as well. Saw our view from the room for the first time in the daylight. Very nice!! This is the way to spend time in Waikiki! Since we had Dorothy Dunnís fruit basket and being the cheap Canadians that we are, we decided that we would just have that as our breakfast. (Thank you, Dorothy Dunn!) We had papaya, pineapple, banana and banana bread. We sat out on our lanai and watched as people started to filter out onto the beach.

Hapaís Toe really hurt after that !

View of Pool @ the Royal Hawaiian

Waikiki Beach from the Royal Hawaiian

Janet Serving up Breakfast

After breakfast, we put on our bathing suits and headed down to the beach. It was still quite early in the morning (7:30), but it was already warm. Grabbed some lounge chairs in the special reserved area for Royal Hawaiian guests, and then went and frolicked in the waves. Frolic, Frolic, Frolic. We went back to our lounge chairs and looked out onto Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. Since we hadnít put any sunscreen on, we didnít lie out in the sun too long. At 8:30, we decided to head back up to the room, get showered, and then head off shopping.

Ok, I think that Haole is starting to relax a bit.

Frolic in the water, and Shopping, tell me what woman wouldnít like that ?

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