Saturday, November 3rd


We decided to go to Ala Moana Mall, and found out from the Concierge that the best way to get there was the Mall shuttle bus. There was a stop a couple blocks from the hotel, and it was conveniently located right in front of a Starbucks. Since we had some time before the bus arrived, we went into Starbucks and got some cool beverages. We boarded the shuttle and feared for our lives as the shuttle driver whizzed around Waikiki – alternatively speeding like crazy or stopping in the middle of the street to talk to another bus driver. At one point in the journey, we went right past the same stop where we had boarded the bus 10 minutes before. So, that part of the route did not make any sense, especially when we did this little detour through a parking garage for no apparent reason. Made it to the mall in one piece, where the shopping commenced. With our dollar being at an all-time low, we were being very selective as to what we would be willing to spend our money on. So, mostly we just window-shopped. I did manage to find a cute little outfit (shirt & matching board shorts) at Crazy Shirts, so I splurged and bought them.

Coconut in Frappuccino is just not that good. It sounds all tropical and lovely, but really Coconut and Coffee flavours…. Nope !

One of favourite stores at the mall is the Japanese department store Shirokiya. There are always some cool Japanese stuff there. On the upper floor, they have a food department and a little cafeteria that sells sushi. So, we grabbed some sushi for our lunch.

Janet in front of the Hard Rock Cafe - Honolulu

Randy wanted to go to the Hard Rock Café to get some more pins. The Hard Rock wasn’t too far from the mall, so we decided to walk there. There was a good selection of pins there, and Randy ended up getting five. We were going to just take a cab back to the hotel, but there weren’t any around the restaurant. So, we thought we would just walk back. It actually wasn’t as far of a walk as we thought. It helped that there was a nice breeze, so we weren’t baking in the heat as we walked.

The walk back to the hotel was pretty easy, but you are really taking your life into your own hands with the traffic.

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