Saturday, November 3rd


After we got back to the hotel, we went back to the Starbucks and bought some mugs for our collection. It was getting close to check-out time (we had arranged a late checkout), so we packed up our bags, and went down to the famous Mai Tai bar. Our neighbour George had told us that mai tai’s had been perfected at the Royal Hawaiian hotel, so we thought we better check it out. Since we had to dash to the airport soon (and since we are cheap Canadians), we decided to just share a Royal Mai Tai ($7.75). The drink itself looks like a work of art, with a flower, umbrella, chunk of pineapple and mint. I had to run back up to the room and get my camera so I could take a picture. And, Whooo-eeee, do they make those drinks strong. I had a good buzz on just drinking half of the mai tai.

Mai-Tai Time !

Ok, Haole was tanked !

She is definitely starting to relax now.

Then it was time to leave the lovely oasis of the Royal Hawaiian and head off to Kauai. We caught a cab to the airport to catch the 4:15 flight to Lihue. The flight was delayed about half an hour, and it was another packed flight. I was sitting next to Farmer Bob from Iowa. We were in the last row of the plane, so he was chatting with the flight attendant before we took off. He started talking about some of the tropical plants that he grows at home. He was talking about his plumeria plant (although he couldn’t even pronounce its name), and saying how it was flowering all the time. How unfair – here is a guy that doesn’t even know the correct name for his plant, and he can get it flowering, when we haven’t been able to get our plumeria to flower once. Grrrr.

I thought Haole was starting to relax ?

The one really cool thing about flying on the inter-island flights is that they give you these little containers of passion fruit juice as the beverage during the flight. It makes it seem so “Hawaiian”. So, needless to say, I was quite disappointed when they came around with the drinks, and all they offer now is Coke. Coke – why I didn’t come all the way to Hawaii to be served Coke! Grrrr.

Ok, obviously a little more relaxation is required.

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