Saturday, November 3rd

Luckily, the flight to Kauai is nice and short (20 minutes). Once we got off the plane, we implemented the “Kauai Airport Plan” – where Randy dashes off to the car rental agency, and I wait for the baggage. You see, if a person waits for their luggage, and then heads to the car rental, you end up being in this huge line-up. Being the clever people we are – we implement the multi-tasking plan to save us both time and frustration. So, while Bob & Martha from Iowa are still waiting in the car rental line-up, we are already driving down the highway in our convertible with the top down.

While I was waiting in line for the rental car agent… I met another couple that were going to get married on Kauai, so I gave them some suggestions for places. Since we had been married there they were keenly interested.

The bags took a very long time to come out, and I was wondering if maybe Aloha had messed up with some luggage (like the United flight that had arrived just ahead of us). However, the bags finally did arrive, and I had just gotten them out to the curb when Randy drove up in our white Sebring convertible.

Our Convertible

We went to our timeshare and checked in. They had put us into a room that we had stayed a few years ago. It has a nice view of the ocean, however the parking garage blocks a lot of the breeze that keeps the units cool. We tried to find out if there was another unit we could move to, but unfortunately everything was booked up. Sigh. So, we just unpacked, and then headed up to Kapaa to get some supplies from Safeway. After getting groceries, it was quite late already (9:00pm), so we just did the Kentucky Fried Chicken drive-thru thing. I was quite excited to find out that they still had the tender roast chicken at the KFC here in Kauai (at home, they only have the deep fried stuff).

I know… we fly all the way to Kauai and have KFC (PFK in Quebec, KFC in France – go figure).

It had been a long day, so we headed back to the condo and pretty much went to bed.

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