Sunday, November 4, 2001

Woke up at 6:00am, after having good sleep. Randy broke out the laptop, and we connected to check our emails. Just like everyone else does when they are in a tropical paradise – right? As per our usual custom, we had some breakfast out on the lanai. We could tell that tourism isn’t as good as usual, because we only saw 2 tour buses drive by (on their way to the Spouting Horn). Usually we would see about 6 or 7.

Janet @ the Sunshine Market

Janet with her Flowers

We drove up to Kapaa to buy some fresh fruit from the Sunnyside Market. Got some nice papayas, apple bananas, starfruit and sugar loaf pineapple. Yum, yum, yum. Drove around Kapaa a bit, and found the Kauai Craft Fair. I found something that I wanted to buy, so went to find the proprietor in order to pay for it. The person running this particular stand was a surfer dude named Koo Koo. I had asked him if tax was charged on top of the price. He said “Tax – what’s that?? You must be from the mainland or something.”. He was quite the character.

Ok, its safe to say that we had a good chuckle over Koo Koo, sorry dude, but you were just way too funny !

Since we were starting to get the growlies, we decided to stop in at Bubba’s Burgers for some lunch. Had the usual single teriyaki burger with some fries. More yumminess.

My stomach had been bothering me since the start of our trip, so I thought I would spend the rest of the afternoon trying to ‘clean’ out my system. (I know – waaayyy too much information!!) So, while I stayed in the condo, Randy went out for a long walk in the neighbourhood. By the time he got back, I was feeling a lot better.

When your spouse is doing this kind of stuff the best thing to do is leave to place for a while.

For supper, we headed off to our favourite Mexican restaurant – Margarita’s. We had our usual meals – fish tacos for me and ahi burrito for Randy. Mmmm…mmmm…good.

Ah !   Margarita's !

Wandered around some shops, and then went back to the condo where I zonked out early.

Margarita’s serves way too much food. But that rarely stops me from trying to put it all back. Usually they have the Donkeys/Horses out there that you can feed, so needless to say we actually had some taco chips left on the table.

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