Monday, November 5, 2001

Had a great sleep. Woke up early though (before 6:00am). We cut up our fruit and had a lovely breakfast out on the lanai. Since it was a gorgeous day, we decided to go for a nice walk and look at the big expensive houses just down the road. Then we decided we would hit the beach, so we jumped into our suits and drove over to Poipu Beach. It was fairly quiet when we first got there (before 10:00am), but got busier as the morning progressed. Did some frolicking in the water (which by the way, seems cooler than in past visits). Heard a lot of American accents at the beach. I think Randy and I are the only Canadians on the entire island.

There was a Sunshine (Farmer’s) Market in Koloa starting at noon. We arrived at about 12:15pm, and the parking lot was just packed. People were already streaming out of the market. Apparently people actually get there before it opens and stand around waiting until the stroke of noon. Obviously these tourists have nothing better to do while on holidays. Fortunately there were still a few things left to buy. We found a huge bouquet of tropical flowers for only $7. We also sampled a fruit called a Moya that we had never tried before. It was quite an interesting flavour, so we decided to buy one.


For lunch, we decided to get some take-out subs from the Dali Deli. We took our lunch to Kukiuola Harbour and sat eating our lunch overlooking the ocean. Very nice. Mental note to self – try to have more picnics in life.

Our Picnic spot

We decided to go for a drive to Hanapepe. There used to be a number of shops and art galleries in this town. However, there aren’t as many shops as before, so there wasn’t a lot to see. It was kind of sad to see. We did walk onto the Hanapepe swinging bridge. However, it was making some ferocious creaking noises, so we didn’t feel very comfortable continuing all the way across (and no, we are NOT chickens, just very cautious).

Chicken !

Next we went to Salt Pond Beach Park. This is a very nice little park and beach. I’m surprised that we haven’t checked this out before. We might have to go back and spend some time there. The salt ponds (which are the reason for the name of the park) were a little disappointing. I thought that there would be these huge ponds, but in reality they were these dinky little ponds about the size of a turtle pool. Not overly exciting to view.

Something new we came across is the Kauai Coffee Visitor Centre. There is a little gift shop and a coffee museum. For coffee-aholics, there were about a dozen different flavours of coffee that were free for tasting. Randy tried one ‘exotic’ flavour. I asked him what it tasted like. He said “Like Coffee”.

I think you really have to like your coffee to get into this. Don’t get me wrong a Good Latte always hits the spot, but this is for Truly Serious Coffee Drinkers.

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