Monday, November 5, 2001

We started thinking about what to do for supper at about 4:00pm. (when on vacation, food is a very important part of the day) I looked in our Ultimate Kauai Guidebook and also at the Kauai Menu magazine. We finally decided that we would eat at the Coco Caffe in Wailua. It took a little longer to get there, because we were driving in ‘rush hour’ traffic. We finally got there, and found out that they are not open on Mondays. Doh!

So, then we had to come up with a Plan B. Randy suggested Aloha Pizza, which was nearby in the Coconut Marketplace. However, we were low on cash, so we thought we would look around for a bank machine. We found one in the Whaler’s General Store, however there was a sign saying that there was an additional $2 charge for using the bank machine. Being the cheap Canadians we are, we thought we would go find another machine that didn’t charge the extra fee. We were about to get in the car and drive to a bank when we found out that Aloha Pizza does in fact take credit cards. So, we decided to just charge the meal instead. We gave the gal our Visa, and she ran it through. However, the machine took an extraordinarily long time to process and it finally came back and said “Try again”. So, she swiped the card a couple more times, with the same result. Since they also took American Express, we asked them to try that card instead. Same thing. In the mean time, our pizza was ready, so we went ahead and ate it. After we finished, Randy went back to the bank machine to get some cash in order to pay for the meal. It turns out that the $2 fee for the bank machine is only charged to US Residents. So, we weren’t charged it. Okay, works for us. So, we paid cash for the pizza and went along our merry way.

Ok, so I’m Cheap !

“Maybe it comes from my Dad ?” (oh, Note to Self, don’t type out what you are thinking)

Randy went into Overboard to check out the menswear. I tried on a few dresses, but nothing jumped out at me. Randy managed to find a Tommy Bahamas shirt and some swim trunks that were on sale. They looked really good on him, so he bought them. (we like buying things on sale)

Yup that’s me Mr. Cheap.

After returning to our resort, we threw on our bathing suits and went down to the hot tub. The water was nice and warm and soothing. We had the hot tub to ourselves, which is rather odd. Usually there are at least a few other people in the jacuzzi with us. We took the opportunity to have wild monkey sex in the hot tub. Actually no. Instead we discussed the professional landscaping around the pool. We are just a wild and crazy couple.

Wild Monkey Sex ?  When did this happen ?

After the hot tub, we turned on the Discovery Channel and watched a show on venomous spider attacks. We are so romantic when on holidays.

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