Welcome to Hapa & Haole's Kauai Adventure 2003.  

These are the Kauai Adventures of Randy (Hapa -say Ha Pa) & Janet (Haole- say How-O-Lee). 

Haole has been keeping a Journal of our travels ever since Hapa met Haole (from the beginning).  The fun part is that we now turn the Journal into a website for you to read.  Making you feel like you are part of our Adventures as well, but not so close to make us rent a bigger car for the vacation or so that Hapa & Haole don't have to worry about what they look like. 

Hapa has inserted his 2 cents worth as well (just to keep Haole honest).

We started keeping our Journal online ever since we went to
Kauai in 2001 (Hapa + Haole @ Lawai). 
Check it out for a trip down memory lane, or for our other trips Click Here.

Our Home away from Home




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