Welcome to Hapa + Haole's Kauai Adventures 2012

This is just a short trip to Kauai for Randy (Hapa - say Ha Pa) & Janet (Haole- say How-Oh-Leh). 

Haole has been keeping a Journal of our travels ever since Hapa met Haole (from the beginning of time).  A while back Hapa looked at the written Journal Haole had been keeping and realized that Haole's stories would make a great website for family and friends to read our adventures (Better than sitting through hours of picture viewing, or home movies, huh ?).  This way we can make you feel like you are part of our Adventures as well, but not so close to make us rent a bigger car for our vacation. Also Hapa & Haole don't have to worry about what we look like in the morning, we don't have to make you breakfast, or make sure there is enough coffee on in the morning... you get the idea.

The Journal is all Haole, except where Hapa has inserted his 2 cents worth (just to keep Haole honest).

We started keeping our Journal online ever since we went to
Kauai in 2001 (Hapa + Haole @ Lawai).  (the first journal is pretty crude, but you get the drift)
Check it out for a trip down memory lane, or for our other trips Click Here.

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