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Kauai - Day 10 - Monday, December 9, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Breakfast on the lanai in our Alii roomToday we woke up a little later than normal (7:30am).  Randy went for a run, then we had a leisurely breakfast when he got back.  My stomach was bothering me a bit (likely from all the constant eating and drinking I've been doing), so I wasn't really up for going to the beach today.  So, instead, we went into Lihue to do a bit of shopping. 

We stopped into Hilo Hattie's to buy a few things (my stomach is bothering me from all of the really bad Hawaiian shirts), then continued onto one of our favourite stores - the Kapaia Stitchery.  We have been in here so many times, the gals recognize us.  Ended up buying a few things, then went to Hamura's Saimin for some lunch.  We got there after 1:00pm, so we missed the lunch rush and was able to get a seat right away.  We ordered some saimin soup, and it came out about 3 minutes later.  It was good as usual.  Nothing like having hot soup in a warm climate !

After lunch, we headed back to Poipu, but made a stop at Kilohana Plantation first.  We thought we would catch the 2:00pm Koloa Rum tasting.  We were given a tasting of the white rum, dark rum, spiced rum and their new coconut rum.   Using the white and dark rum, we created a mini Mai Tai drink using their Mai Tai mix.  It was all very tasty.  Free Rum ?!?!?!

We got back to the resort just in time to head off to catch the Captain Andy's Sunset Sail that we had booked.  The boat left out of Kukiula harbor, which was just down the road from our resort (very handy).  The whole group of us went - Harold, Lil, us, Blaine, Lisa and the kids.  The cruise left at 4:00pm and sailed along the south coast for 2 hours.  Teagan was very excited to go on a boat, and he was really good for the entire trip.  Little Odin must've liked the rocking motion, because he slept for most of the cruise.

Randy & Janet on the Poipu Sunset SailThe cruise included soft drinks and juices as well as beer, wine and "sneaky tiki' drinks.  They also had some snack food such as pretzels, chicken wings, veggies & dip and pineapple.  As soon as they started serving alcohol, Randy immediately grabbed 2 sneaky tikis.  I tried to keep up with him in his drinking, but wasn't able to. Lightweight !

During our cruise, we came across a whole bunch of sea turtles, some dolphins (one even leaped right out of the water in front of the boat) and, very briefly, one whale.  So, pretty much the trifecta of Hawaiian sea creatures.

The weather was nice and warm, and the ocean was really calm - so it was a perfect afternoon for a sail.  The only down side was that we didn't get much of a sunset because of clouds on the horizon.  Oh well - we can't complain too much as we've seen a number of good sunsets just from our condo.

The cruise ended all too soon, and we headed back to our resort.  We dropped off our stuff and then headed over to Harold & Lil's place for some more drinks (because apparently we didn't have enough drinks on the boat).  Luckily, we just had to stumble back across the road to our place afterwards.