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Kauai - Day 11 - Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Woke up, had breakfast then decided to head to the beach.  Jumped in the car and headed north, and noticed that it wasn't as sunny in that direction.  But, we continued on anyway.  Got up near the beach, and it was still quite cloudy.  We parked and headed down to the beach anyway.  As soon as we set up our blanket and towels, the sun came out, and pretty much stayed out for the rest of the day.  Hurray!

Monk Seal on Larsens BeachWe were one of the first people on the beach, and noticed something that looked like a seal further down the beach.  Randy went down to investigate, and sure enough, it was a monk seal sleeping on the sand.  As you aren't supposed to bother these seals when they sleep - he made sure to give it a wide berth.

A little while later, another guy came to the beach - saw the seal and put up some signs to keep people away from the seal.  Not sure where he got the signs.  Maybe they are hidden somewhere on all Hawaiian beaches.  We later found out that this guy's name was Ray and he is a regular at the beach. 

Ray used to be a radar technician and he actually worked on a number of Apollo missions before being transferred to the base on Kauai back in the 70's.  We talked to him for quite a while, and he had some really interesting stories to tell. 

The weather was nice and sunny, and there was a nice breeze.  But by around 2:00pm, I had enough sun, and was ready to leave.  We hadn't had any lunch yet, so we decided to stop at a place called Chicken in a Barrel BBQ in Kapaa.  They smoke various meats (chicken, ribs, beef) in a big barrel (hence the name).  We ordered one chicken plate and one rib plate.  The chicken was nice and tender and falling off the bone.  The ribs were not as tender - but still not bad.  It's not the best barbecue I've had, but it wasn't bad.  We also had a piece of cornbread, but it was on the dry side and crumbled everywhere.  Luckily we were eating outside.

Ribs and chicken from Chicken in a BarrelWe decided to try to catch the Farmer's Market in Kalaheo that started at 3:30pm.  We got there around 3:45 and found out that this is a very small market.  There were only 4 vendors there.  One of the vendors was a gal (Glenna) that we had seen on previous trips to Kauai.  She recognized us, and we had a little chat.  We got a bit of fruit, and then drove to our resort to shower off the salt and sand.

After freshening up, we gave Blaine and Lisa a call, and they came over to our unit for a visit.  Around sunset, Randy went down to the beach to do some more time-lapse pictures.  Blaine and Teagan ended up joining him, while Lisa and I just watched from the lanai.  After the sunset, we decided to head out for supper.

We had decided to go to Keoki's Paradise, but when Blaine & Lisa got there, it didn't appear to be open.  So, we decided to go to Tortilla Republic in the Kukuiula shops.  We got there, and were told that it would be an hour wait for a table.  Ya, we weren't going to wait around that long with a 2-year old.  We then went across the way to Dolphin restaurant, and were told that it was a 30-40 minute wait.  We went back to Merriman's Gourmet Burger and Pizza and were thankfully able to get seated right away.

Randy ordered a burger and I ordered the fish tacos.  They were both good - but I have had better fish tacos before.  But it didn't stop me from eating it all.  Our waiter told us that the best shave ice was right in Kukuiula shops - so after supper we wandered down to Uncle's Shave Ice to check it out. 

Randy and I were still full from supper, so didn't get anything.  But Blaine and Lisa got some to share with Teagan.  It looked really good, and so I will have to go back and try it another day.