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Kauai - Day 13 - Thursday, December 12, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

While Randy was out doing his run, we got a text from Blaine asking if Teagan could come over for a visit.  I said sure - as Randy would be back shortly.  They came over and hung out, and Lisa and Odin came by later while we were having breakfast.  Blaine and Lisa were going to take Teagan to Poipu Beach, and Teagan was quite insistent that Randy and I go as well.  We told him that we had to make up some salsa first, and then would meet him at the beach.

One of the group portrait shots that Hans tookThe previous night, Randy had cut up some veggies to make some of  his salsa, but didn't get around to grilling them.  So, he grilled up the veggies, and we chopped everything up to make salsa.  Then we got ready to head to the beach.  We stopped at the Koloa Fish Market to pick up some lunch first.  We got another poke bento and some seared ahi.  We also got a coconut turnover for ourselves, and another one for Teagan.  We put the food in our cooler and met up with Blaine and Lisa at the beach.

We spent some time in the shallow, protected area with Teagan, then we went over to another area and played in some waves for a bit.  We stopped to have some lunch, and relaxed in the shade for a bit.  We gave Teagan his coconut turnover, and he sat there munching away on it.  He did share a couple bites with his mom, but otherwise, put it all away himself.

Around 1:30pm, we decided to leave Poipu and head to the nearby Sheraton Beach to play in some bigger waves.  This beach is good for body surfing, and Randy caught a couple good ones onto the beach.  A couple of them weren't pretty landings - especially the one big wave that lifted him into the air and then basically just dropped him on the beach. 

Randy with Pat and Mike at Keoki's ParadiseWe left Sheraton Beach around 2:15pm as we were meeting the photographer (Hans) to view our portrait pictures at 3:00pm.  So, we rushed back to our unit and showered up before he arrived.  Harold, Lil and Lisa also came by to see the pictures.  We spent about an hour looking through the pictures and chatting with Hans and his wife Karen.  We settled everything up with Hans, and then sat around and had some drinks with Harold and Lil.  We had plans to meet up with our friends Pat and Mike again for supper, so got ready and headed over to Keoki's Paradise.

We got there a little early and grabbed a table in the bar.  We were a little concerned to see that there was going to be live entertainment, but luckily the bar was open-air, and the music was loud enough that you could hear it, but not so loud that it affected your ability to have a conversation in a normal speaking voice.  We had ordered one round of drinks while waiting for Pat and Mike, and then got another once they arrived.  Mine was called a Tropical Itch, and it was pretty strong.  I was definitely pretty happy after having two of them (on top of a couple vodka and guava juice drinks back at the condo).  For supper, I had the fish and chips and Randy had the pork ribs.  Both were tasty.

We had another fun evening with Pat and Mike, and left the bar around 9:30pm.  I was quite tired from all the booze, so I pretty much went straight to bed.