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Kauai - Day 4 - Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Juicy mango for breakfastAloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Woke up, Randy went for a run, and then we had breakfast.  Today we had a mango for breakfast.  It was sweet and tasty (and not stringy - super delish !).

Since it looked like a nice day, we headed out to Larsen's Beach.  It's an hour drive from where we are staying, and on the way there, we stopped at the Pono Market in Kapaa for some lunch.  We got a chicken lau lau plate lunch and a spicy tuna roll. Very yummy.

Continued on to Larsen's Beach.  Hung out on the beach for about 2 hours until it completely clouded over.  Drove back to the resort and showered up.  Contacted Randy's parents and Blaine & Lisa to see if they wanted to go to Sushi Bushido for supper.  Everyone was on board, so we made a reservation for 7:00pm.

Randy & Janet at Larsen's BeachWhen we got there, we were a little surprised to find out that they had live entertainment.  The singers weren't bad, but they were quite loud for such a small place.  It was hard to carry on a conversation.  But, at least little Odin seemed to enjoy himself.  He was bouncing up and down dancing to the loud music.

We ordered some gyoza and a couple of sushi rolls.  Our favourite was the 'Butter Me Up Roll' (tuna tempura and avocado topped with fresh salmon and wasabi garlic herbal butter).

We left enough room so that we could stop at Lapperts Ice Cream on the way home for some dessert.  I got a small scoop of the Coconut Caramel Macadamia Nut, and Randy got the Heavenly Hana. Yum!

Our room was quite stuffy when we got back, and since there was no breeze - we had to pull out a stand-up fan to get some air movement.  Here's hoping it isn't too warm to sleep!