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Maui - Day 1 - Friday, November 22, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to Day 1 of our vacation.

YEG-YVRToday we woke up to yet more snow from Old Man Winter.  Good thing we were getting the hell out of here.  Randy's parents came by to pick us up just after 9:00am.  We loaded our luggage and cat up in their SUV, and headed to the kitty kennel. 

The roads were quite bad, so it took us longer to get to the kennel than normal.  But we had lots of time, so it wasn't a problem.  We said goodbye to our kitty and then continued on to the airport.  We had one bag that we needed to check in, then went through security without any problem.  Stopped in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge for a bit, then got on our first flight - YEG-YVR.


Inspection of plane de-icing at YEGBecause it was snowing, our plane had to de-ice before leaving.  A machine comes along and sprays the bright yellow de-icing fluid.  Then a couple of inspectors look over the wings to make sure that everything has been done correctly.  I'm sure that stuff that is sprayed is an environmental disaster waiting to happen

Finally we were on our way to Vancouver.  We were given a little snack of satay chicken on a salad.  The flight was uneventful, other than arriving about half an hour late.  It was nice arriving somewhere that wasn't covered in snow.  It was nicer here than Edmonton - but we were going to be somewhere even nicer soon.

Once in Vancouver, we went through security again, and then U.S. customs.  Then it was off to the lounge to get some more food.  Had some soup and cookies - enough to tide us over until our flight at 2:30pm.

Finally it was time to board our flight - YVR-OGG.

YVR-OGGJanet enjoying vodka on the flight to Maui  

We settled into our business class seats for the 6 hour flight to Maui.  The plane was quite cold when we first boarded, but luckily it warmed up before we got going.  We ended up having a quite a few vodkas, and I ended up snoozing for part of the flight.

We arrived in Maui around 7:00pm.  We got our checked bag, and headed to the rental car shuttle bus area.  Our shuttle bus arrived just when we got there and and we arrived at the rental car area a few minutes later.  After some initial confusion as to whether this National car rental agency had an Emerald Aisle - Randy found out that it did, and we were given a black convertible Mustang.  It was nice and warm, so we took the top down.  We had to wait behind 2 other cars before leaving the lot - and as we were waiting, it started to rain a bit.  We thought maybe we should put the roof back up - and it was a good thing we did, because it started to pour shortly after. 

We drove to our resort - the Palms at Wailea and checked in.  As it was dark out, we had a bit of trouble finding our unit - but finally figured it out.  We unpacked most of our stuff - then headed to Safeway to get a few groceries for breakfast the next morning.  After getting back, I was dead tired, so ended up going to bed around 9:30pm.  Yup, the pillow felt good !


Thanks to FlightAware for images