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Maui - Day 3 - Sunday, November 24, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Was really tired last night, so ended up going to bed at 9:00pm.  So, that meant I was up at 6:00am.  Once it was light enough, Randy went for another run while I got things prepped for breakfast.

Randy and Janet at Little BeachHad breakfast on the lanai, then packed up a bag and headed to Little Beach.  On weekends it gets really busy there, so we wanted to get there early so we could get a parking spot.  This was our first beach time since getting here, and it was nice to actually get into the ocean.  It was a little cool when you first got in, but was fine once you got used to it.  We hung out for about 2 hours, then decided to get out of the sun.  We didn't want to fry ourselves on our first day out.

We headed back to the condo, showered up and decided to go to a Craft Fair that we had seen signs for on the highway.  We get there and find out that they want $1 admission (each) to get in.  What is up with the entrance fees for these things?  This fair was much, much smaller than the one at the College - maybe a dozen different tents.  From the parking lot - it didn't look like there was anything unusual or amazing in there, so we decided to pass on it.  At least the fair at the College was really big - and it only cost 50 cents each.  I wasn't going to pay twice as much for some dinky little craft fair.  Yes, we are cheap.

So, we left and headed along Kihei Road - looking for a fruit stand.  From prior trips, we thought there was one along the side of the road on the north side of Kihei.  We managed to find the fruit stand, and bought another avocado and some guava.  Then we decided to head into Kahului for some lunch.

Janet at Little BeachWe didn't really know what we wanted to eat, so we drove around for a bit.  We came across a Whole Foods store, and thought we would pop in there.  While in there, we noticed some prepared meals that looked pretty good.  We bought a couple of sushi rolls and a bowl of orange chicken over rice.  There were tables outside the store, so we sat and ate our food there.  The sushi rolls were only average, but the orange chicken was rather tasty.  Yup Whole Foods prices in effect, note this after not wanting to pay $1 for Craft Fair admission.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to head back to Little Beach.  In the morning, the beach is pretty quiet - with mostly couples coming to sunbathe.  In the afternoon - it was a totally different vibe.  There was a drum circle with about 12 different drummers.  A girl was (trying to) dance with a hula hoop in front of the drummer.  Another gal was dancing around in the waves.  People were drinking booze openly, and there were a number of people imbibing in some not-so-legal substances.  It we wanted, we could've bought some 'special' brownies or cookies.  It was a great place for people-watching.  Didn't really have buy anything, the smell in the air was plenty enough !

We stayed until shortly before sunset.  We wanted to make sure we hiked back over the rocks to get to the parking lot before it got dark.  We made it back to our condo just in time to watch the sunset from our balcony while drinking some vodka and guava juice.  Viva Happy Hour !

Janet at Cafe O'LeiFor supper, we did some research on Yelp, and finally decided on a place called Cafe O'Lei.  We had a reservation for 7:00pm, and that seemed to be a popular time - as about 15 people came in the door after us.  We were seated right away at the back of the restaurant.  In the Yelp reviews, it mentioned that this place could be very noisy - and they were right - WHAT ??.  We were seated next to a large party and it was so loud that we couldn't even hear each other talk.  But luckily they left a few minutes later. - WHAT ??

We ordered some Maui onion soup (onion soup made with Maui onions), some crab cakes and a lettuce wrap.  The onion soup had a puff pastry crust on top, with some gruyere cheese.  It was pretty darn tasty - as was the crab cakes and lettuce wraps.  The Crab Cakes had 2 sauces on the plate - a Mango sauce and a creamy chill & garlic aioli, the combination with the crab cakes was delicious.   Those dishes were more than enough to fill us up, so we paid our bill and went back to the condo.  I spent some time working on the journal - then we went for another dip in the hot tub (as Randy was a little sore from his morning runs).