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Welcome to Day 14 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Got up around 8:00am and Randy went for a run.  We had breakfast when he got back, then we showered up and headed north to Larsen's Beach.

We got to the beach just before noon.  It was a windy day, so we set up our beach towels in a sheltered area so we wouldn't get blown away.  The wind did make it cooler so that a person could relax on the towels without being stifling hot.  We stayed at the beach until 2:15pm, at which time we packed up and headed to Kapa'a to hit the 3:00pm Farmer's Market. 

We got there just as the market opened, and it was already super busy.  We ended up running into Harold and Lil and wandered around the market with them.  Once we were done, we drove back to the resort and showered off the salt and sand.  We went across the street to Harold & Lil's.  Randy showed his mom how to make some guacamole, which we then sampled.  It was delicious.

For supper, we headed into Lihue to have supper at Garden Island BBQ.  We ordered a bunch of dishes and just shared them - orange chicken, sweet and sour pork, chicken chow mein, shrimp with peapods and fried rice.  It was all very tasty, and we managed to eat almost all the food.  Eating more than what we likely should have, but it was oh so good !

With our bellies full of food, we went back to our room and started to pack up.  The next day (Thursday) we were going to be moving to a new condo, so we needed to pack up all our stuff.  The resort offers a service that will just move your stuff to the new room once it is available, so we will be doing that.  So, the plan is to head out to the beach tomorrow and by the time we get back, our room should be ready will all our stuff in it.

With most of the stuff packed up, we just hung out and relaxed for the rest of the evening.  I realized that I had not taken a single picture during the day (not even of any food!  WHAT ?).  So, there is no picture to accompany the journal today.  I suggested just using a photo taken from a previous day, but being the purist, that wasn't an option


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