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Welcome to Day 15 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Today we had to move from our unit in the Coral building to a unit in the Ali'i building.  So, we got up, had breakfast and finished packing everything up.  At 10:00am we checked out and headed into Lihue.

We did some shopping at Kukui Grove Mall, and then went back to the Koloa Rum store at Kilohana. I tried to get us onto the Rum Tasting that was just starting, but they were unfortunately full :(. We had seen some silicon drinking glasses that last time we were there, and decided that we should get some.  These glasses are slightly rubbery, so they do bend a bit - but are strong enough that they don't collapse when you hold them.  We thought these would be very handy for heading out to watch the sunset with.  They also should pack up in the suitcase pretty easily.

Randy at Salt Pond BeachOn the way out of Lihue, we stopped at Mark's Place to get a plate lunch.  The plate lunches are quite large here, so we just ordered one to share.  We got a combo plate with Korean chicken and chicken cutlet.  We took the plate lunch to Salt Pond Beach where we met up with Randy's parents.  We ate our lunch at one of the picnic tables, then went and hung out on the beach with Harold and Lil.

We lazed around on the beach and in the water until about 2:00pm (actually until I finished my book - so I thought it was time to leave).  We noticed that there was a message from the resort saying our new unit was ready, so we drove back to check in.  We unpacked all our stuff, then showered off the salt and sand from the beach.  This unit had a in-room washer/dryer, so we did some laundry as well.  We made ourselves a drink using our new Koloa Rum glasses, and then headed across the street to Harold and Lil's.  Nothing like walking around with a drink in your hand.

We sat out on their balcony eating the guacamole that Randy had made the day before, then around 5:00pm, the four of us headed to Kalaheo to have supper at Brick Oven Pizza.  On Monday and Thursdays they have a pizza buffet, so we went to partake.

The buffet consisted of salad, two types of pasta, chicken wings, garlic bread and 6 different types of pizza.  As the pizza was being eaten up, they would bring out new (and different types) of pizza.  They even had two different dessert pizzas - an apple/cinnamon and a caramel/chocolate.  I ended up getting two plates of food, and I was very stuffed.  That's the danger of buffets - you eat more than you need to.

Luckily I was still able to squeeze myself back into the back seat of the convertible to head back to the resort.  Randy's parents invited us up for a drink, but we were both full and sleepy, so we just went back to our room to lie around in loose clothing for the rest of the evening. 


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