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Welcome to Day 23 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Woke up around 7:00am and hung out in the room for a bit.  Showered, then headed down to get some coffee/food in the hotel.  We had 3 coupons that we could use for free coffee and pastries, so we got 2 pastries (scone and muffin) and Randy got a coffee.  I then paid for a hot chocolate.  We sat out on the terrace and enjoyed the view.  It rained for a bit, but stopped shortly after. 

The Marriott was holding a craft fair, so we wandered down to the lobby to check it out.  We got there just in time to watch the morning feeding of the koi fish.  It was quite interesting to see - as soon as the food was thrown into the water, it was basically a feeding frenzy.  We wandered around the craft tables, and I ended up buying a couple of small items.  We also stopped by the front desk to see if we could get a late checkout.  They were able to extend us until 2:00pm - which was perfect.

Randy and Janet at Nawiliwili harbour entranceWe then got our car brought around and headed to Costco.  We wanted to pick up a couple bags of coffee to take home with us.  Also, Costco gives out a free Holiday cookbook on Black Friday.  So, I wanted to get that.  We went back to the resort and went for a walk.  There are homes built into a nearby cliff that overlook the Bay that look quite amazing (most of them have 4 levels).  We wanted to go see if we could see what they look like from the road.  There was an elevator that we could take from the beach area up to the golf course.  We had to walk down this long hallway into the cliff and then got on this rickety elevator that we didn't know would make it up.  But, we managed to make it to the top and found that the elevator came out right where the houses were.  We wandered past the houses and then came across one of the holes of the Kauai Lagoons golf course.  We walked around the green out to a point and took a few pictures.  Then we walked back to the resort via the road (didn't want to chance the elevator again).

It was getting close to noon, so we got in the car and went to Fish Express for one last fish meal. We got the daily special - which was grilled ahi and coconut shrimp - along with a spicy ahi poke bowl.  We took our lunch down to Nawiliwili harbour.  It was quite breezy, so we had to really hold onto our food containers so they didn't blow away.  Then it was back to the resort, where we changed into our bathing suits to get one last bit of sun before we left.

We managed to squeeze in about 45 minutes of sun, then headed back up to our room.  On the way, we ran into our friend Dee Bonaventure, who was just heading out to the pool.  We chatted for a few minutes, but then Randy and I had to get going as it was getting close to our check-out time.  We quickly showered up again, and packed up everything.  We had just finished packing up and I was just putting my shoes on (ugh, having to wear socks and shoes again) when housekeeping knocked on our door.

We checked out and loaded up the car with luggage.  Then it was off to the airport.  Randy dropped me and the luggage off at the terminal and then went to return the rental car.  I was able to check in and drop off our checked luggage before he got back.  I had been selected for TSA Pre-Check again (but not Randy), so this time I decided to go through that line, and Randy went through the regular one.  However, in Kauai, the TSA Pre-Check feeds into the same security line, so I ended up being on 2 people ahead of Randy anyway.  But, at least I got to keep my shoes on.  This time I didn't get pulled over for a secondary search.  (yay)

We had some time to kill, so got some drinks at Starbucks and then sat and watched the planes come in.  Even though we both got caffeinated drinks, we both felt even more tired after finishing our drinks.  Great - we only had another 8 hours before we would be getting on the Air Canada flight to Vancouver.

We were flying from Kauai to Maui, then to Vancouver.  We had paid an extra $10 each to get a 'Preferred' seat (with extra leg room) as the flight to Maui was around 1 hour and we thought it would be nice to have the extra room.  But, it turned out that are flight was really empty - and we could've spread out if we really wanted.  Oh well, it was still a nice, comfortable flight.

We arrived in Maui at 5:20pm.  Our Air Canada flight didn't leave until 11:00pm.  When we originally booked the flights, the AC flight was leaving around 9:00pm.  Then Air Canada changed the schedule - so that made our connection time that much longer.  We had checked 2 bags on the flight to Maui because we thought it would be tough to find overhead bin space on the flight.  Randy didn't want to check his rollerbag all the way through to Vancouver because he wanted to make sure it made it home (as he will be flying out again the day after we get back).  So, in Maui we were going to get our checked bags, then just check the one bag in with Air Canada.  However, since we were in Maui so early, the Air Canada check-in wasn't going to open for a couple hours.  So, before leaving the secure area, we quickly had a pizza at California Pizza Kitchen as we didn't know exactly when we would be able to check our bag and clear security again.  When we finished our pizza and went to pick up our bags, ours were 2 of the 3 bags left on the carousel.

Randy at Maui airport waiting for Air Canada to openWe grabbed all our luggage and went to sit outside until Air Canada opened at 7:00pm.  They have this weird check-in process where an agent takes your passport and uses a kiosk to check you in.  Meanwhile another agent is sitting behind the counter right next to the kiosk.  We wanted to check in using our Nexus IDs, but were told that we needed our passport for the kiosk.  We wanted to check in using our Nexus ID because then there would be a better chance of getting TSA pre-check.  But, it was a big confused mess, and because they checked in with our passports, neither of us got the TSA pre-check.  Sigh.

We finally got done with the check in process and then went through security.  It was a little slow, but luckily we had LOTS of time.  Once through, we thought we might want to get a little more food - as our flight was delayed a bit and we wouldn't actually be leaving until around midnight.  We would be getting food after the plane took off, but we both thought we would just try to go straight to sleep instead.

We went to Sammy's Bar (which is owned by Sammy Hagar) and had some pork nachos.  They were fairly good and were filling.  So, that should keep us until we get to Vancouver.  Then we went to the gate and plunked ourselves down for a couple more hours.

The incoming flight was delayed, so the flight leaving was also delayed.  I think it was after midnight that we finally boarded the plane.  I snuggled into my seat and watched one movie before lying down and sleeping for a couple of hours.  I woke up just before they turned on the cabin lights.  We were served a breakfast and arrived into Vancouver about 45 minutes late.

We were met at the end of the jetway by the Concierge.  She said that she had a buggy ready outside of customs to take us to our next flight - as we were running late.  So, we took off to Customs.  However, when we were in the Customs hall, Randy told me that he couldn't find his Nexus card.  We looked all through our carry-on baggage to look for it, but couldn't find it.  So then we decided to just go through the normal line using our passports.  Well, then he realized his passport was missing.  I knew for a fact that he had it when we got on the plane in Maui - because he had used it as ID before boarding the plane.  So, we figured it must be on the plane then.  So, Randy called the Air Canada concierge to tell her that he thought his passport and Nexus card were on the plane.  Then we just stood there waiting for a while - wondering what to do if they couldn't find either of them.  I always carry a photocopy of our passports - so he might have been able to get in using that.  But he wouldn't have been able to go to work in Sacramento on Monday.

Finally, the concierge comes running up to us with both his passport and his Nexus card.  Apparently it had fallen into the mechanics of the seat, and they had to get a mechanic to take the seat apart to get them.  What happened was that Randy had both of them in his shirt pocket.  Then when he put the seat flat to sleep, they must have fallen out and into a crack in the seat.  The concierge scolded him a bit - telling him that he should never leave them in his pocket again.  I agreed.

Luckily for us, the flight to Edmonton had been delayed so we should have just enough time to make it.  The concierge had someone waiting for us outside customs with a buggy.  We used our Nexus cards to get through customs, then picked up our luggage from the carousel.  Outside customs, we got on a buggy and were taken to a Customer Service desk to drop off our checked bag.  Then we had to go through security and someone else was waiting with a buggy to take us to the gate.  They hadn't started boarding the Edmonton flight yet, so we actually had a few minutes to get our heart rate back to normal again.

The flight to Edmonton was uneventful.  We were served the same breakfast that we had on the flight from Maui.  We weren't sure if our checked luggage would show up in Edmonton, but after a number of other bags, it finally appeared up on the belt.  So, we grabbed our stuff and headed home - ready for a nice nap after a long travel day.

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