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Welcome to Day 3 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Woke up early again.  Tried to get back to sleep, but finally got up around 7:00am.  Spent some time catching up on the travel journal until Randy woke up.  As we didn't have any fixings for breakfast, we walked across the street to Starbucks and got some drinks and a muffin. 

We finished getting ready and then headed to the Kauai Community Market at the Kauai College.  We bought some fruit and some ingredients to make guacamole.  (I chatted with one of the vendors and the gal suggested a different type of Avocado for making guacamole). We had hoped to run into our friends Pat and Mike, and luckily we did.  It helped that Mike had one of his birds with him - so as soon as we heard the bird squawking, we were able to find them immediately in the large market crowd.  We wandered around the market with them for a while, then with promises to meet up later in the week, we headed off to Costco.

View from our room at the Waipouli Beach ResortWe picked up some bagels, vodka, poke and a pineapple.  It was getting close to noon, so we decided to stop at Hamura's Saimin for lunch.  Randy was fighting off a cold, so he thought that some nice hot soup would hit the spot.  We were able to get a seat right away, and after a little confusion about our order, we got the steaming hot soup and chowed down.  Both of us were suddenly feeling very tired, so we headed straight back to the resort.

It was fairly overcast when we got to the resort, so we unpacked our groceries then lay down for a nap.  It was a really good nap.  When we woke up, the sun was shining again.  Randy got up before I did, and had just finished making some fresh guacamole.  Good timing for me!  We went out onto the lanai to have some guacamole, salsa and chips.  It was really good!  The avocado we bought at the farmers market wasn't the usual kind of avocado.  This one had a really creamy texture, which made for really nice guacamole.  After our little snack, we decided to go down to the pool and hang out there for a while.  Came back to the room where I did some more catching up on the journal and uploaded a few pictures.

Around 6:00pm we walked over to Safeway to pick up a few more groceries.  Then we went to Sushi Bushido for some supper.  We ordered a couple of their specialty rolls - which was just the right amount of food. 

Came back to the room and just hung out for the rest of the night.  I spent some more time catching up on the journal, and Randy put together some time-lapse videos he had taken. 

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