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Welcome to Day 10 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Today we had to move into a different room at our resort (from a 2-bedroom to a 1-bedroom).  The resort will move all your belongings to your new room once it is ready (including food) - but everything has to be packed up.  So, we took our time packing things up and then had some breakfast.  After showering up, we checked out of our current room, and then headed to the Saturday Market at Kauai Community College to meet up with Blaine, Lisa and the kids. 

View from Alii room 1407We wandered around the market with them and we picked up a number of items.  We needed ingredients to make Randy's famous grilled pineapple salsa, and also picked up some fruit for Randy's parents and our friend Jenn (who were both arriving today and wouldn't have time to hit the market).  With our bag stuffed with fruit, we then went to the car rental agency to get a new car.  For the last couple of days, our car's alarm would start going off for no apparent reason, and it did it again when we were at the market.  We figured we didn't need to be annoying people at our resort (especially in the middle of the night) - so we returned it and got another car (another white convertible). Not to mention the lock and unlock buttons on the key FOB were missing so I would hit the unlock and think that the car was locked... The new car had both buttons intact, so no mistakes this time.

We then went to Costco and Safeway to get some more groceries, then headed back towards Poipu.  It was lunch time, so we picked up some food at the Koloa Fish Market and took it to Kukui'ula harbor to eat it.  Of course we just sat down to eat and it started to rain, Janet says, is the top up on the convertible... hmmm... Nope.  So as I jump in the car and get the top up, a local guy says to me, "time to roll up the windows ?"  I told him, ya I'm only going to roll up the windows.  We laughed.  While we were there, we received a text from Randy's parents saying that they had arrived at the resort.  So, we finished off our food and went there to meet them.  Their room wasn't ready for check-in yet, but when we asked, ours was.  So, we all went up to hang in our room and enjoy the view.  A little while later, my boss Jeff and his wife Deanna arrived, and their room wasn't ready either - so they came to our room as well.  Our friend Jenn had also arrived, but she was staying across the street at the Kuhio Shores.  Once she was unpacked, she came over to hang out until it was time to head off to the sunset cruise.

The cruise left from a harbour just a short ways down the road from our resort.  As there was going to be drinking involved, we decided to just walk there (it was about a 10 minute walk).  So, ourselves, Jeff, Deanna, and Jenn headed off to the harbour (Randy's parents weren't able to get on the cruise as it was booked up).  It sprinkled a bit on the way, but only for a short bit.  When we got there, Blaine, Lisa and the boys were already on board (they had driven from their condo). 

Sunset cruiseThe cruise set off at 4:30pm.  It was quite windy out, and the waves were a little rougher than past times, but it didn't bother me.  For the first bit of the cruise, the boys were on the trampoline at the front of the boat.  They were enjoying it for a while, but then little Odin started feeling sick.  So, they went to the back of the boat (where it is usually less bumpy), but the poor little guy ended up throwing up a few times and was pretty much miserable for the rest of the trip.  Teagan was doing fine and had a good time.

The cruise also served pupus (appetizers) with the drinks - but they had changed since we had sailed with them last.  Before, it was chicken wings, cheeses and fresh fruit.  However, this time they had bocconcini and tomatoes, little toasted breads, artichoke dip and crab cakes.  Which was fine - but unfortunately not very kid friendly (Teagan would only eat the toasted bread).

The sunset wasn't that great - as it was too cloudy on the horizon.  Once back at the harbour, Lisa decided to walk with us back to the resort - so that Odin could get some fresh air (Blaine drove their car to meet us there).  We got back to our room, and we got out some chips for the boys as Teagan had only had a little bread and Odin had had nothing.  Well, as soon as Odin got some chips into him - he was feeling just fine!  Dancing around the condo and everything.  So, apparently he isn't emotionally scarred from the boat trip after all.

Blaine and Lisa drove back to their condo to get some clothes for Odin (as he had thrown up on his shirt), and then Randy walked Jenn over to her condo, leaving me alone with the boys.  The boys were more than happy just hanging out and eating chips (and watching TV).  Randy came back, and then Jeff and Deanna came up to our room (as they had left their camera here).  Blaine and Lisa came back with some new clothes for Odin and after a short visit - left to take the boys to get some real food.  Jeff and Deanna stayed for a while longer, and we had a nice visit. 

Around 9:00pm, they went back to their room and we got ready for bed.  It was a really breezy day, and we closed the drapes in our bedroom, but still had the windows open.  We were in the living room when we heard this big crash.  The wind had blown the drapes into the room so far that they knocked over the bedside lamp.  The bulb broke, so we called the front desk.  As it was after hours, they sent up security to clean up the glass the best they could (with a broom).  We will need to get housekeeping come in tomorrow and vacuum up the rest.  The security guy that came up actually had a first aid kit and was worried that I had cut myself... nope.  Just didn't know that the wind would be that strong.

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