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Welcome to Day 11 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Breakfast on the lanaiThis morning was a relaxing morning.  Randy went out for a run, while I caught up on my journal (as I was too tired the night before).  We had breakfast on the lanai overlooking the ocean.  We had plans to go for brunch at noon, so we just took our time getting ready.  Randy set up the camera to do a timelapse from our lanai.

Just before 11:00am, we headed into Lihue to head to Kilohana Plantation (picking up our friend Jenn on the way).  We wanted to go early so that we could get in another Koloa Rum tasting before our brunch reservation.  (Well, another one for me and Randy, that is)  Randy parents met us there to join in the tasting.  We got there at 11:20am, and I quickly signed up the 5 of us for the 11:30am tasting (I had push a couple of clueless people out of the way to do it - elbows in the air - full on hockey type elbowing !).  We wandered around the gift shop for a bit, then were called in to the tasting room when it was time.

This time we had a different gal doing the tasting, and she was quite hilarious.  She also had an amazing memory for names.  Before entering the tasting room, she asked to see everyone's ID (as you had to be over 21).  Doesn't matter how old you are - everyone has to show ID.  So, when she is looking at everyone's ID - she is looking at your name and where you are from.  Then she came around to shake everyone's hand (where we gave our names again).  Then after that - she peppered her spiel with names of everyone in the room.  For example, she would say "So, Janet, as you know, Maui used to be a big sugar cane producer".  She would do that with everyone in the room.  It was quite amazing.  And to think this gal does this every half hour ! 

For this rum tasting, we were given some rum to make ourselves some mini Mai Tais.  We started out with the gold rum. We sipped a bit of it, and then poured it into the glass with the Mai Tai mix.  Then we had dark rum, and poured it in slowly so that it stayed as a layer on top.  We drank up our mini Mai Tai and then she poured us some spiced rum and coconut rum before handing out some rum cake to finish off the tasting.  It was a lot of fun, and all of us had a good time.  This gal has a fantastic talent for remembering names and being very entertaining.

Mini mai tai at rum tastingWe got out of the tasting at exactly noon and walked around the corner to have brunch at Gaylord's.  When we got there, Pat, Mike, Blaine, Lisa and the boys were already waiting for us.  We were shown to our nice big table and the brunch buffet was explained to us.  There was a regular buffet where you could get various brunch items and desserts, but you could also order one entree to have with the buffet.  Last time we had the brunch, I had the ahi tuna eggs benedict, so of course I got that again (actually most of the table ordered it).  We were also told that for an extra $10, a person could have unlimited mimosas.  Again, most of the table did this - so Randy and I joined in as well.

While waiting for our entree, we went to the buffet to load up.  There were usual brunch offerings such as scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, fried rice and French toast.  There was also some smoked salmon (Randy's favourite) and this awesome short rib in a red wine reduction (Randy's new favourite!).  It was all SO good.  I had just finished my mound of food from the buffet when my ahi eggs benedict arrived.  It was just as delicious as I remembered.  I think I even moaned a few times while eating, as it was just that good!

After that, I was seriously full - but had to check out the dessert.  I ended up getting a scone and a donut-type thing - I went for another helping of mashed potatoes and the short ribs.  Once back at my seat, I stared at my dessert plate for quite a while - trying to decided if I could eat it or not (the fact that I had 3 mimosas at this point probably contributed to the staring).  I finally did eat my dessert, which of course was just as good as the rest of the food.  During the meal, our friend Mike made up little origami animals for the two boys.  The boys thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I think now Mike is their new best friend!

We sat and visited until about 2:00pm, when we finally hauled ourselves up out of our food stupor.  Jenn had never been to Kilohana before, so after brunch we wandered around the shops that are also in this building.  Then it was back to the condo - where Randy and I decided to make up the pineapple salsa to go with the fish that Randy will hopefully catch on his fishing trip tomorrow.  For this salsa, Randy grills most of the vegetables on the grill, and then we chop everything up.  It was a big batch, so it took a bit of time to do all the chopping.  But, I'm sure it will taste great!

After we were done the salsa, we both felt really tired and didn't want to go anywhere for supper.  Instead, we drove to the Big Save in Koloa to get a few groceries we needed along with some packaged sushi.  We were still both really full - so we just put the sushi in the fridge until such a time that we finally got hungry again.

I spent time working on the journal, and Randy went to experiment taking pictures at night.


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