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Welcome to Day 12 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016

Today, Randy was going on a fishing trip with his dad and Bernie - so had to be up and out the door by 5:45am.  I ended up getting up at the same time, and took my time getting ready.  At 8:00am, I went to pick up Lil, Jenn and Barb and we went for breakfast at Anuenue Cafe.  I had read some good reviews about the place, and thought we would try it out.

We got there just after 8:00am (as it wasn't very far away).  We had to wait a couple minutes for a table.  The process there is that you put your name on a list.  When a table becomes available for your group size, they will let you know.  You then order and pay at the counter, and then go outside to the available table.

Randy on his fishing tripOnce seated, our food came out really quickly.  I had ordered a kahlua pork fried rice, and it was very tasty.  The others also really enjoyed their meals, so it looks like the reviews were correct.  But it was lucky we got there when we did - as by the time we finished our meal, there were many people waiting around for a table.  The restaurant opens at 6:00am, so I recommend going early if you don't want to wait around for a table.

After breakfast, we went back to the resort.  Jenn went off with Jeff and Deanna to do a tour of the Allerton Garden.  Lil and Barb came to the room to help me make banana cream pie (using apple bananas).  It wasn't difficult as I had bought some pre-made pie crusts and instant pudding.  We just had to whisk up the pudding and slice up the bananas.  I think Lil and Barb ended up doing most of the work (oops).  After the pies were put in the fridge to set, Barb and Lil went back to their own rooms.  I ended up going over to Blaine and Lisa's condo and spent some time swimming in the pool with the boys.

Grilled fishI swam with the boys for about an hour and a half, until Randy texted me to say that the fishing trip was over, and they were heading back to the resort.  As he hadn't had any food yet, I went to Koloa Fish Market to get some food.  I picked up a plate lunch with crispy chicken and Korean chicken and a coconut turnover for myself.  I got back to the resort just a few minutes before Randy did.  He dug into the lunch, and then we got to work cutting up all the fish (well, Randy did most of the cutting, I pretty much just watched him, and put the cut fish into containers - which is a great help because my hands are wet and very fishy).

The Great Fisherman's Trip !  at least in my mind that's what it was.  Dad drove us over to Kapaa to where Hawaiian Style Fishing departs from.  We arrived and there was one other gent that joined us.  The boat captain (Terry) and first hand (Josh) took our shoes and we waited for a bit.  The past fews days have had wind and high surf warnings, so there were a couple of smaller boats that went our prior to us.  If they had come back in Terry was tempted to cancel our trip.  But the smaller boats didn't come back so we were off.  we weren't far outside the break and they put the lines in and start to troll up to a buoy where Terry said they were catching fish a few days ago.  We were a least an hour in very rough water and nothing... Once we were near the buoy, then there was a hit on one of the lines.  A Mahi Mahi.  When that one was reeled in, not 2 minutes later 2 lines where buzzing.  then 3 lines.  Some other boats showed up and almost as soon as they did, that was it.  So Terry pulled around again once they left and we were able to pull in 2 more Mahi.  Shortly after pulling those in, Terry became very disappointed.  He pointed to the dolphins that were coming in.  He said that once the dolphins arrive, the fish clear out.  So we lifted lines and motored off to another spot, and the dolphins were following us.  Now normally I like seeing dolphins, but if you are fishing then it's a bit of a different story.  We got away from the dolphins and had put the lines in, and then almost immediately there were 2 lines going, I got to reel in a small Skipjack tuna (only 15 pounds).  All of this activity was over the space of  20-30 mins.  All in all we brought in 8 Mahi Mahi and 2 Skipjack Tuna. Once back at the dock, Terry, selected 3 fish (2 Mahi Mahi and one tuna and carved them up.  He bagged them and gave each of us a bag of fish and off we went. 

After we were finished with the fish, we showered the fish smell off us, and relaxed a bit until it was start cooking the rice. Around 3:30pm, Randy's parents came over and I started cooking the rice.  Other people started wandering in from that point on.  Around 4:45pm, we took the food down to the pool area to grill the fish and eat the meal.  Randy had 2 barbecues going - one with mahi mahi and one with the skipjack tuna.  The meal was fabulous !  Such a great way to share the catch with everyone. 

Once the fish was ready, we all sat down to dig into the delicious food.  Everyone enjoyed the lovely fresh fish, as well as the side dishes that the others brought.  As dusk approached, the parakeets started flying in to roost in the tree right above us.  As they can get a little, uh, messy - we packed up the food and went back to the condo to continue visiting.  About an hour later, I brought out the banana cream pie.  The custard seemed to have set, but once we cut it and tried to dish it out, it went all goopy.  But it still tasted good! 

People hung around and visited until about 8:30pm.  I tidied up a bit then worked on my journal.


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