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Welcome to Day 15 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Even though we went to bed late, I still woke up at 5:00am and couldn't get back to sleep.  So, I worked on my journal and uploading pictures from the birthday celebration the previous evening.  We took our time having breakfast and getting ready.   Surprisingly I wasn't up for a run this morning.

The weather was quite overcast, so we dressed for the beach, but decided to stop and do a few errands as we headed north towards the beach.  We stopped to get some coconut macadamia nut tea that I like, then popped into the Koloa Rum store to get a bubble wrap container for the bottle of coffee rum that we are bringing home.  And we were very tempted to sign up for another tasting... but thought that we had enough from the previous visits.

We continued onto Kapaa, and ended up having lunch at Kenji Burger.  I ordered the Hapa burger, and Randy got the Japanese burrito.  My burger was quite good, and Randy's 'burrito' was more like a giant sushi roll - as it was wrapped in nori instead of a tortilla.  But his was very good was well.  It was very fresh and tasty.

After lunch, we noticed that it looked like it had cleared up to the north, so we headed to Larsen's Beach.  We parked, set up our beach towels and stood in the sun for about 20 minutes.  Then the clouds rolled in and it was very overcast after that.  It was also very windy at the beach, so we ended up only staying for about an hour.  We spent most of the time chatting with Ray - who is retired, and comes to the beach pretty much every day.  We had chatted with him before, and as soon as he saw us, he came over to chat again.  He is a fount of information about various things that have happened on the island, so it was quite interesting to talk to him.  But, since the weather wasn't getting any better, we said goodbye to Ray and headed back to the resort.

We showered all the sea salt and sand off, and then decided to go to the Tori Richard store in the Kukui'ula Shops.  Randy's parents had brought a birthday card from his Aunt Gladys, and there was money included in the card.  So, Randy decided to use the money to buy himself a nice new shirt (Tori Richard shirts are a favourite of his - and he has bought several in the past).  We had gone into this store a couple of times during this vacation, and each time it was quite dead in there, so the sales gal would be all over us.  However, this time, there was another customer in the store, and the sales gal was focused on the other customer for at least 10 minutes - until she finally noticed that Randy wanted to try on some shirts. 

There is only one 'real' change room in the shop, so she put Randy in a store room to try on the clothes.  He quickly decided on a shirt, and had cash in hand to buy it.  However the sales gal was still busy with the other customer, and there was another sales gal that showed up after we got there - so she came to help.  But, apparently this was only her 2nd day on the job, and it took much longer than necessary to buy a shirt.  We finally completed the financial transaction, and it was time for her to put the shirt in a bag.  At this store, they wrap purchases in tissue paper before putting it into a bag.  So, the gal places the shirt one way on the tissue paper, but is unable to get the ends to meet around the shirt.  She tries another way, and it isn't working, so she goes back to the first way, and ends up just forcing the tissue paper around the shirt.  By this time, I didn't really care - I just wanted to be done.  Anyway, we finally took possession of the shirt and got the hell out of there.  Yup, it was a bit like watching a train wreck.  

We had previously arranged to meet Harold, Lil and Jenn at Kalapaki Joe's for Happy Hour.  Lil had read about our previous experience there, and wanted to try it out for herself.  Harold and Lil were already there when we got there, and Jenn had sent a message to say she would be a few minutes late.  We went ahead and ordered our drinks (I got another Mai Tai), and ordered some 25 cent chicken wings, chips and salsa, won tons and coconut shrimp.  Jenn showed up just as the food was arriving and ordered a drink for herself.  However, the bar was really backed up, and she didn't end up getting her drink until we were almost finished eating.  We sat around visiting until Jenn finished her drink, and we then all went back home to our respective accommodation.

The previous night had been a late night, and so we just relaxed and took it easy for the rest of the night.


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