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Welcome to Day 16 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016

Well, it appears that the monster Mai Tai from Kalapaki Joe's did it's job again - as I had a great sleep.  Woke up to overcast skies and some rain, so we took our time getting moving.  Randy went for a run, and I started packing away some of the stuff we have purchased on our trip (as we leave tomorrow).  Our friend Bernie came by to grab a key from us as he was going to store some luggage with us while they were waiting for their flight home later in the day.

After Randy got back, we had breakfast which included a mango that had been ripening for over a week (and was SO good - we definitely need to make a trip here when mangos are in season).  The weather was quite unpredictable - and would be sunny, then cloudy, then rain a bit.  And it was quite windy out.  Since it wasn't really beach weather, we didn't quite know what to do for the day.  We ended up just hanging out the room for most of the morning, then looked online for places to have lunch at.

Using Yelp, we saw that there was a sushi food truck at the National Botanical Garden just down the road.  So, we drove there, and didn't see it.  We drove further down the road to take some pictures of the coast (picture on left with both of our hair products failing miserably), and then we headed to another sushi place not far away.  This second sushi place was actually inside a grocery store.  They didn't have a huge selection of sushi, and it didn't really enthuse us.  So, then our third choice was to try a place called Garden Island Grill in Koloa.  Many, many years ago, this same restaurant space was called TomKats grill (and there were many cats that would wander through the restaurant).  That was the last time we actually ate here.  We had heard good things about this latest restaurant, so thought we would give it a try.

We ordered some coconut shrimp as an appetizer, and I ordered a fish/shrimp and chips meal, while Randy got the burger.  The coconut shrimp were unique in that they came with a coconut sauce (normally coconut shrimp will come with a mango chutney or something similar).  The shrimp were quite tasty, and were also had a blueberry drizzle on them (our server kept saying it was five star rated on Trip Advisor - ok, ok, I get the idea).  Our main meals were also good.  My fish (which was mahi mahi) had a really thin batter and were really tasty.  Randy's burger was also really good.  What was also interesting was that they had a live musician playing at lunch time, and he was actually pretty decent. 

After lunch, we decided to head west to see if we could get out of the rain and overcast skies.  So we drove out to Kekaha Beach, took a few pictures and then headed back.  On the way back, we got a message from Bernie and Barb - saying that they were having a drink at the Beach House, and to come join them.  We were not far from the resort, so as soon as we got back, we walked over to join them.  I ordered a Mai Tai (shocking, I know), and Randy ordered a beer.  We sat and enjoyed the view and spent some time visiting before Bernie and Barb had to head off to catch their flight.  Just before we were done, the manager of the restaurant (Erica) came over to say hi to us as she remembered us from Randy's birthday party.  We had a nice chat with her, and when we went to pay for our drinks, we found that she had comped half of our drinks.  So, that's nice!  It was also nice that Bernie and Barb picked up the tab for us.  Sweet!

Just as we were finishing our drinks, Jenn popped by and headed over to our condo, where Bernie and Barb picked up their luggage, said goodbye, and headed to the airport.  Jenn had brought some leftover brie, so we had drinks and sat on the lanai. Harold and Lil came by shortly after to join in the eating/drinking.  More drinking than eating, me thinks.

Around 5:30pm, Blaine and Lisa showed up, and we headed over to the lawn in front of the beach house to watch the sunset.  There were a number of clouds on the horizon, so we couldn't actually see the sun setting into the ocean, but the sky turned a lovely colour of orange - many, many photos were taken.  Once the sunset was over, we all headed to Olympic Cafe at Poipu Village.  We were able to get a table for the 9 of us.  Randy and I were still quite full from a big lunch and from the pre-sunset snacking.  So, we just ordered a kahlua pork burrito to share (and I had another Mai Tai).  The food came out fairly quickly, and our pork burrito was quite good (and filling - and about a foot long !).  After eating, Randy and Harold wandered around the shopping mall with the boys for a bit.  The boys noticed a small nude sculpture in the window of an art gallery and were quite tickled that the lady's bum was showing. Boys !

We said our goodbyes to everyone, and then went back to our condo to work on the journal and relax.


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