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Welcome to Day 4 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

View from Alii unit 1110Fell asleep just before 9:00pme the previous night, so ended up waking up at the ungodly time of 4:00am.  Tried for an hour to to get back to sleep, but sleep was eluding me.  So, I just got up (and woke me up in the process).  Randy went for a run shortly after the sun came up, and we had some breakfast when he got back.  For this first week, we are staying in a first floor unit - so our view of the ocean isn't as good - but can see a bit of it beyond the pool and hedges.  The good news is that we are in a 2-bedroom unit this week, and so we have lots of room to spread out (and lose stuff).

After breakfast, we showered up and decided to head to the Spouting Horn to take some pictures.  Maybe it was the time of day, but there weren't busloads of tourists vying for a spot to view the blow-hole.  So that was nice.  We got a couple of good shots, then were on our way back to the resort when we got a message from our friends Pat and Mike who live in Lihue.  They were at the beach across the street from our resort, so we wandered over.  We ended up having a nice visit sitting on the beach for a while, and then decided to have lunch at the Beach House restaurant that was right next door.  This is also the same restaurant that we will be having Randy's official birthday celebration later on in vacation.

We were given a seat with a great view of the ocean.  I ordered a kalua pork sandwich, and Randy got a burger.  Both were very delicious.  We had ordered a couple of beers and I had gotten a Coconut Porter from Maui Brewing, and it was very yummy.  Janet got a blonde beer and I think it made her very sleepy.  After lunch, Mike wanted to jump into the water and do some snorkelling, and we needed to go get some things from Long's Drugs.  Since we were last in Kauai two years ago, they opened a Long's Drugs in Kukui'ula Shopping Centre - which is just a few blocks from our resort.  Which saves us a drive into Lihue if we need anything like macadamia nuts or sunscreen (or tea for Janet).

At Spouting HornWe wandered around the shops at Kukui'ula for a bit.  There weren't a lot of people shopping as it was the middle of the day, so the shop keepers were all quite chatty with us.  We went back to the resort, and I was actually in need of a nap.  With the time change, I hadn't been getting a lot of sleep.  So, I totally crashed when I lay down for a nap.  I'm usually a fairly light sleeper, so if Randy gets up, I will notice.  But this time, I woke up after about an hour and found a note from him saying he had gone across the street to take photos.  I texted him to say I was up - and he told me to bring some drinks over to him.  He was doing some time-lapse photography.  So, I mixed up some vodka and guava juice and wandered over to meet him.  It was a very welcome to have drinks while waiting around for my time-lapse to complete.

I waited with him for the time-lapse to be done and we headed back to the room.  It was actually a little hot out in the sun, and so we changed into our bathing suits and went to cool off in the pool.  Our resort has 3 different pools, and the one in front of our building was the designated 'quiet' pool, and it was also a pool that wasn't heated.  But on a hot day like today, it felt very refreshing. 

We went back to our room and hung out until it was time to head across the street to watch the sunset.  Randy did another time-lapse - so we will see how that turns out.  After the sunset, we drove into Lihue and went to Hamura's Saimin for supper.  We actually had to wait for a bit for a couple of spots to open up... but once you sit down they take your order and you can watch the old gal in the kitchen make all the soups.  It's actually entertaining. We had the saimin soup (of course).  It was delicious, as usual.  Then it was back to our room, where I spent time working on the journal and organizing pictures.

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