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Welcome to Day 5 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Today managed to sleep in a little later, but was still up before the sun.  Today we decided to go to Larsen's Beach (which is about an hour drive from our resort), so we had breakfast and were on the road just after 8:00am. We did hit a bit of "rush hour" traffic, or as much as you get on Kauai.

Larsen's BeachIt was another glorious day, and the sun was starting to get quite warm by the time we got to the beach just around 9:00am.  We had never been here this early, and there were only 2 other people (at the far end of the beach) that were there.  Other people started showing up later, but for quite a while it felt like we had the beach all to ourselves.  One interesting thing was that at the top of the trail down to Larsen's beach there was a trail marker sign.  But written on the sign was something about Mark Zuckerberg (yes, the guy that runs Facebook) being a scum bag and wanting to stop access to the beach.  I did some googling (because Zuckerberg doesn't run Google) when I got back to the resort, and found out that Mark Zuckerberg has bought 2 big parcels of land just above Larsen's Beach and another beach called Pilaa.  Apparently, Mark is building a stone wall around his property (we noticed the wall being built and a whole bunch of Private Property signs along the road to Larsen's Beach).  This is an article that I found in The Garden Island newspaper about it.  The article mentions security guards harassing people if they stepped even a couple feet onto Zuckerberg's land.  We didn't encounter anything like that - but the article was written in July, and things could've changed since then.

We stayed at the beach until just after 11:00am - as we try not to spend too much time in the sun during the first few days of a sun vacation.  The good part of having no one else on the beach is that we could take a number of photos and not worry about getting people in the photos.  The panorama shot was devoid of people and shows the beauty of the beach.  We drove back to Lihue and stopped at Fish Express to pick up some lunch.  We ended up getting some shrimp cocktail, a bento box, two types of poke and a sesame crusted mahi salad.  We took our lunch back to Poipu and went to Kukui'ula harbour to have a picnic lunch.  This is a favourite spot of ours as there are picnic tables there with great views of the ocean.  However, today it was quite windy, and we spent most of the time holding down our food so it didn't blow away.  But, it was still good. Parts of the salad blew away, and it was so breezy that there weren't any chickens around to catch the flying bits.

After finishing lunch, we went back to our room and showered off the salt and sand.  We popped into the First Hawaiian Bank in Koloa to do some banking, then headed to Lihue for the afternoon Farmer's Market.  As we came through the Tree Tunnel to the main highway to Lihue - we saw that there was a traffic accident right at the intersection.  It wasn't blocking our route to Lihue - but traffic coming from Lihue was backed way, way back (all the way to the Humane Society).  Fortunately, it looked like some glass was being cleaned off the road, and that maybe the highway would be open again soon (we hoped that it would be cleared up by the time we came back from Lihue).

When we got to Lihue, we still had a bit of time before the market opened at 3:00pm.  We wandered around Kukui Grove Shopping Centre, and ended up buying some chocolate malasadas and coconut cream pie from the Kauai Bakery.  We then went to the market and picked up some fruits and veggies.  Since we were in Kauai last, a new Safeway had opened right near Kilohana Plantation, so we popped in there to check it out and get a few more things.  Then we headed back to the resort.  The traffic leaving Lihue was quite slow - but we think that it was normal afternoon traffic - as it cleared up as we got further out of Lihue. 

Once back in the room, we tried some Koloa Rum Mai Tai cocktail that we had picked up.  We have had Koloa rum many times, and it was very good.  However, the mai tai mix was not very good.  It was very sweet and didn't taste like a mai tai at all, in my opinion.  So, I don't recommend that you buy this if you see it.  So much for taking the easy way out to making Mai Tais

After throwing the rest of our drinks into the bougainvillea bushes (I'll let you know if the bougainvillea survive), we decided to head into Koloa to get some food from the fish market for supper. Once back at the resort, we wandered back over to the Beach House restaurant as there was a young couple selling shell jewelry there the day before - but we didn't have any cash on us at the time to buy anything.  So, they said they would be back again today.  I ended up buying some sunrise shell earrings and Randy got a new puka shell necklace.  The jewelry they make is really nice, and it was nice to chat with them for a while.

We went back to our room and pulled out our various items we had picked up from both Fish Express and the Koloa Fish Market, and had that as our supper.  For dessert, we had the chocolate malasadas, and the coconut cream pie.  Both were delicious, but I was extremely full after eating the pie.  Good thing I can sit around in a nice loose sundress instead of tight jeans.  The rest of the evening we just hung out in the room - working on the journal and watching TV. 




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