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Welcome to Day 6 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Woke up early (again).  Randy went out for a run before it got too hot (got out too late, it was already too hot).  As we are owners at the Lawai Beach Resort, there is an owner's meeting every Tuesday.  I thought that I had read that the meeting was at 9:30am, but when I double checked, I saw that it was at 9:00am.  So I texted Randy to let him know.  He was on his way back to the resort, and said he would try to get back as soon as possible.  He arrived back around 8:55.  He quickly jumped in the shower and then we headed over to the meeting (arriving about 10 minutes late).  I don't think we missed anything important (probably the introductions)

These meetings are a good way to find out the type of improvements that have been done to the resort recently, as well as any issues.  One topic that came up at the meeting was a flock of parakeets that have been nesting in the trees around the resort.  The issue isn't so much with the parakeets themselves, but with the droppings that they leave behind.  Also, the parakeets are a threat to the native birds.  The resort is looking into possibly putting up strobe lights to scare them away.  We were informed that there are no natural predators to the parakeets so they are running rampant, the problem is that they leave droppings all over the place.

After the owner's meeting we had some breakfast, then booked an appointment for a pedicure at Paradise Beauty Salon and Spa in Kapaa.  The appointment was for 11:15am, so we headed out to get up to Kapaa in time.  We ended up getting there about 15 minutes early, but they were able to take us right away.  The service was really good, and the foot massage they gave was wonderful.  After our pedicure, we wandered around the shops of downtown Kapaa for a bit, then headed back south.  As we were starting to get hungry, we decided to stop at the nearby Monico's Taqueria for lunch.  We ordered our usual fish burrito (for Randy) and fish tacos (for Janet).  The fish of the day was mahi mahi.  Other times we've been here, the fish was ahi - but I must say the tacos and burritos with mahi mahi were very tasty as well.  I was quite hungry and ended up pretty much inhaling my food.  It was so good!

After lunch, we went into Lihue and stopped at Costco to get another $2.99 pineapple.  We had picked one up when we first arrived, and were very impressed with how good it was.  So, we went to get another one.  We also go some chocolate covered macadamia nuts (what - they're nuts, so it's almost like health food!) and they have coconut and coconut is really good for you.

We stopped by our resort and dropped off our purchases.  Then we headed to Kalaheo for the 3:30pm farmer's market.  We got there at 3:15pm, and there were only 2 vendors there.  We wandered over and found out that the market actually started at 3:00pm, and the other vendors had already sold out and left (after only 15 minutes??).  I was starting to question my sanity - because again I had the wrong time for something.  So, when I got back to the resort, I checked the website I had used to find out the farmer's market location, and the website actually said 3:30pm.  So, I was correct based on the website, but the website was wrong.  Oh well, there will be another market tomorrow.

Came back to our room, had some drinks and FaceTimed with our godsons.  Then we decided to check out the happy hour at Kalapaki Joe's here in Poipu.  We got a nice table at the window and order some drinks.  I got the $5 mai tai, and Randy ordered a Blue Moon draft beer.  It was quite busy in the bar, so it took a while for a our drinks to arrive, and for our waitress to come back and take our food order.  However, my $5 mai tai was HUGE!  And they didn't skimp on the booze.  I just had one drink, and I was quite drunk once I finally got through it.  And it only cost five dollars.  FIVE DOLLARS!  (note:  I am still drunk as I write this - and will be going to bed very early)

For food, we ordered chicken wings, avocado poke, chicken won tons and coconut shrimp.  All of the food was very tasty, so I would definitely come back.  (and that's not just the booze talking - Randy enjoyed it as well.  Although, it could be some of the booze talking as well) 

After our food and my one drink, I stumbled out to the parking lot, where I saw a rainbow (I didn't see any rainbow, but that's my special little snowflake, so I just let her believe whatever she likes).  Then Randy drove my drunk ass back to the resort - where we had some more drinks and I worked on the journal.


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