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Welcome to Day 7 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Today Randy decided to go to a 6:30am yoga class.  As it was in Kapaa, he had to leave around 5:45am to get there from Poipu.  After he left, I just caught up on my email and then went across the street to take some photos of the waves.  While I was out, it was sprinkling a bit, and I looked up to see a full rainbow over our resort. 

The yoga class was tough for me as I hadn't been to a class for a couple of weeks.  But it felt great and the best part of class is that I could see out the window and look at the palm trees.  I typically don't get to see palm trees in my home yoga studio.

I prepped breakfast for when Randy got back just before 9:00am.  He brought with him an avocado that they were giving away for free at the yoga studio.  It was really ripe, and would be perfect for making guacamole.  We had breakfast on the lanai, then decided to head north to Hanalei for the day.  As we were driving out of Poipu, we came into some rain (the first rain since we got here).  It rained off and on the entire drive north. 

Farm StandOn the way, we stopped at this farm stand we had seen on our way to the beach earlier in the week.  It was this little shed that had refrigerators in it, and worked on the honour system.  There were green beans, salad greens and eggs in the fridge and an avocado on a little table.  We ended up buying the avocado.  There is a specific system for paying as there are 2 farmers that contribute to the farm stand.  There are envelopes where you write what you are paying for on the outside, and place the money on the inside.  Then you drop it into a little slot on top of a box.  Too bad this place wasn't closer to our resort - otherwise we would be going here all the time!  The salad greens looked amazingly fresh and we may need to stop here just for that.

We continued on and stopped into the Kong Lung Center in Kilauea.  There is a store called Coconut Style there that sells beautiful tropical duvet covers.  We have bought some from this place in the past (I believe we have 4 duvet covers from here).  We found a beautiful lotus print that we really liked.  However, when we asked the price, we were told that it was $750.  Yikes!!!  When we bought duvet covers from here in the past it was just a couple hundred dollars.  The gal working in the shop told us a story about how the duvet covers were selling out and the factory couldn't keep up, so they decided to raise the prices.  Apparently they still do sell the duvet covers at that price, but that just seems way too expensive to me.  So, needless to say, we did not end up buying one (because if you consider the exchange - it would've cost over $1000 CDN).

Randy & Janet at Hanalei PierWe left Kilauea and continued on to Hanalei.  We were getting hungry, so we decided to stop at the Hanalei Fish Market to get lunch.  I got a fresh Ono fish salad sandwich, and Randy got a poke bowl.  We also picked up some avocado poke and Cajun seared tuna to have later tonight.  We took our food to the beach at Hanalei and sat at a picnic table enjoying the view while we ate.  It started to sprinkle a bit while we were eating, but luckily it stopped shortly after.  The tables are set up just behind the beach and view for lunch is something that makes the awesome lunch just that much better. We walked out to the end of the pier and took some pictures, then decided to head back to the south side of the island.

On the way back, we stopped in Kapaa to check out a couple shops.  We went to one shop where we had bought these woven handles for our hydroflasks.  But they didn't have any.  Randy asked about it - and he was told that a lady at a nearby shop (Sole Mates), was the one that made the handles.  We went over there and she only had 2 handles in stock - but told us that she could make up new ones for us.  She brought out her material, and we got to pick the colours we wanted.  So, we ordered 3 - and they will be ready tomorrow.

We continued back to the resort - arriving around 3:15pm.  We put away the food from the fish market, and headed over to the farmer's market at the nearby Kukui'ula shops.  We picked up some fruit and brought it back to our room.  Randy remembered the avocado he got at the yoga studio and since it was really ripe, we decided to make up some guacamole right then.  The avocado was perfectly ripe and easy to mash up.  It was a rather large avocado, so we filled 2 containers with the guacamole. I'm sure we'll have no problem finishing those.

After some discussion on what to do for supper, we decided to go back to the Koloa Fish Market and get some more food to go with the seared ahi and poke that we got earlier in the day.  We got a lunch plate of sautéed ahi fish with wasabi cream sauce and since they still had coconut turnovers, we got one of those (they are my favourite! - Janet was extra happy about that).  We took our food back to the room, but weren't ready to eat yet - so jumped into our bathing suits and went to cool off in the pool for a bit.

There was no one else in the pool area, and we had it all to ourselves.  Usually there is at least some people lounging around the pool, so it was a nice change.  After working up an appetite by just bobbing in the pool, we headed back to our room and had our supper out on the lanai.  We ended up having ahi tuna three ways - in the avocado poke, the seared Cajun ahi and the sautéed ahi.  We also had our fresh guacamole with supper - and it was SO good.  It was a delicious meal all round.

I worked on the journal and uploaded photos for a while, and then had the coconut turnover for dessert. Yum, yum, yum!  Hawaiian vacation, it's all about food :) 


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