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Welcome to Day 8 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Larsens BeachAfter having a great night sleep the night before, last night I had a crappy sleep (I had a great sleep).  Apparently, I need a giant Mai Tai to get a good night's sleep.  I guess I just have to incorporate that into my night-time routine from now on.  Which can be arranged.

Randy went for a run before breakfast.  We then packed up and headed north to Larsen's Beach again.  Unlike our drive north yesterday, we didn't encounter any rain.  We got to the beach at 9:45.  Again, there was only one or two people on the beach - but more started arriving around 10:30.  The weather was glorious, and we enjoyed hanging out in the water.  We stayed until just after noon and headed back south.  We chatted with a gent named Ray at Larsen's and found out about some of the latest happenings on the island.  Ray is a very knowledgeable source of info about Kauai. 

On the way, we stopped at Sole Mates to pick up our new hydroflask handles, then continued on to Puhi Industrial Park - where we had a late lunch at Mark's Place. I had a mini plate of Korean chicken, and Randy had Mark's Famous Mixed Plate (which had chicken katsu, teriyaki beef and beef stew).  Both were really good.  The view of the industrial park wasn't as nice as our lunch view yesterday - but the food was worth it.

Randy at LarsensIt had been a hot walk out from the beach, and a hot drive in the convertible, so when we got back to our resort, we dropped our stuff in the room and then went to jump in the pool to cool off.  It fell great.  It took us a while to get back to the resort as there was a construction crew working on the only road that leads into Koloa, they had it down to one lane and were letting loads of traffic flow in the opposite direction, but weren't letting the southbound traffic flow.  I may have had a few choice words to the crew as we finally passed.  We then showered up, and before you know it, it was time to head back into Lihue (this time there wasn't the same line of cars waiting to get thru the construction area) to meet Pat and Mike at the Kauai Beer Company

This is a local craft beer brewery right in downtown Lihue.  Apparently Thursdays at Kauai Beer Company is Food Truck night.  There were 2 food trucks parked right out front.  You ordered the food from the food truck, and then they brought the food into the bar when it was ready.  As we had a late lunch, we just ordered an order of nachos with 3 types of meat to share (called the Rainbow Nachos).  This may sound like an odd complaint, but there was way more meat than tortilla chips, and once you managed to dig down to the chips - they were a little soggy.  But otherwise, they tasted good. 

For beer, I tried the Belgium 'Wit' beer, and Randy had the Black Limousine dark lager.  Both were quite tasty.  We had a fun time drinking and eating with Pat and Mike for a couple of hours, then walked over to their house to pick up some avocados before heading back to the resort.  On the way, we stopped at Gaylord's to make a reservation for brunch on Sunday.

Back at the room, Randy polished off one of the containers of guacamole, and I caught up on my journal.  And I apparently didn't apply the sunscreen as evenly as I thought and have a few patches where I'm a little red.  Tomorrow is likely not going to be a hang out on the beach day, at least not for me.


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